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Ok....first my this has probably been asked 4 million and 2 times...what board to buy.
I think besides how long it will last, my main concern is drop/bounce outs.
I don't throw hard and I throw 20 gram darts with standard points. I also play soft tip and use the same darts with carbon conversion points to practice on this board for noise and bounce out reasons. The wife is buying it so price is no kidding.
Any help/suggestion would be muchly appreciated Big Grin
While Blade boards do tend to hold the darts very well with them being so soft the barrel tends to go in very deep. Because of that barrels do tend to bounce off each other since there isn't much distance between the sisal and barrel as some other boards.

Gladiator 3 is a very nice middle ground between softness and holding the darts well.

Bulls Advantage boards have the thinnest wires and I personally can't recall the last time a dart bounced out on a wire. (I do get some bounce-outs but those are mostly deflections off my own barrels).

But you should always either scuff your points or get some grip points like the Target diamonds. That should prevent a lot of drop and bounce outs.
There have been many threads on this subject, it’s all down to personal preference.
My favourite is ONE80 Gladiator 3 but you can’t go wrong with a Winmau Blade 4/5 either.
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Gladiator 2 with Corona Surround and Unicorn number ring
23 Gram Modified ONE80 Comets with black points, Pro Grip stems, punched RD Hardcore flights with Target titanium stem rings                      

If you can hit the target when your arse is hanging out you are a great player 

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I say read around your just gonna get the same answers here as all the other threads
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RegisterYour probably right...I guess I am looking for a softer board which would be the Blade. Have to check out the mounting system though because I use a training board also.
This is a common recurring question.   I just went through this quandary myself a little while ago.   I read everything I could find here.   There are at least a couple threads comparing this board to that board and a couple others that were general inquiries like yours.   I made two lists--one of all the positive comments made about every board and one of all the negative comments made about every board and then I totaled all the comments on each side.   The one with the most positive comments and the least negative comments was the G3.   I bought a new G3 and I’ve been shooting on it for 3 or 4 months now.   I couldn’t be happier with the G3.   End of personal story.

One poster here recently told a story about buying a G3 (from Ebay) that turned out to be a nasty thing with major problems.   The consensus here was that the board wasn’t a real G3, but rather a knockoff.   My advice is that you buy whatever board you buy from a known, proven and respected online vendor with a good reputation for customer service.   If you go the Ebay route you may save a little money but whatever you spend may also have been thrown away on a piece of knockoff garbage.   I think it makes no sense to try to save a little money on a dartboard.   You’re gong to be using this board and living with it (hopefully) for years, so get a good one and don’t try to save the price of a hamburger when you buy a dartboard.

Good luck with whatever you end up doing.
If I were you and would be playing with hard lips I wouldn't buy Bulls dartboards because they're too hard. I've got Bulls Adv. 5.01 and some Bull Adv trainer at home now, and had a few Adv II's and they're too hard even for common points.

I've bought some Nodor Supamatch 2 dartboards to the pub where we play tournaments and they're excelent dartboards. At home I've been using Unicorn Eclipse Pro and it's just a year since I won it and it looks quite used... TBH, I can't say how any other dartboard would look like after a year of daily practice. The better I am, the more I hit trebles and the more the dartboard suffers. I rotate it regularly from 8 to 20...
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 I chose the Blade 5 because I heard it was a softer board. I guess a board a year isn't a bad thing. We'll see how this holds up. Thanks for the input.
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My very first dartboard was some no name one with rounded wires and I had it for about 7 years. It's just a question of patience and how much you can withstand :-)
I believe that Blade 5 is a great choice. We had Blade 4's in our pub for two years and after that we still could sell them out for reasonable money when we bought new Nodors.
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RegisterLOL....well sir....That's what I'm using now. It was almost a brand new (unbranded) board when I had to quit back in the 90's. I started using it this February and although most of the board is still usable it's starting to bulge at the bull and one or two other places. Never seen it before but have read about it. The wires are huge it seems, I have holes in the wall behind me from all the darts hitting wires and flying past me. Keeps me on my toes....hahaha. So I'm eagerly awaiting the new board as you can imagine. I actually thought about buying the Galdiator also and alternating to see which holds up the best but I looked in my wallet and only found an old movie stub, an unused band-aid and a drivers license with some young guys picture on it. I haven't seen him in Thanks again and shoot well.

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