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can someone help me with the flight shapes?
I currently play with the Amazon standard size flights. The don't last that long for me.
I know there are Target flights, Pentathlon and the ones from Amazon that have the No2 shape. I'm searching for new No2 flights. Does anyone know flights from another company which are No2 standard size?
Typically with most manufacturers, if it says standard, it will be the No.2 shape you are talking about.  The smaller, slightly tapered "standard" is called "Marathon" by Harrows and "No.6" by Target.  Sometimes you will see it listed simply as "Shape" but you can usually tell by the pictures on most sites whether it is the true standard or the tapered version. Now, unless I am mistaken, RAW, V180, Winmau, Victory, and most Designa flights are the are all the same as the No.2 "standard" shape you are looking for.  Hope this helps and best of luck!
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Ok, thanks a lot, that really helps me with searching for new flights Smile  I will look on dartscorner for some good flights from Winmau or Designa.

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