Darts for Beginner's: Quick Reference Guide
Darts For Beginner's Quick Reference Guide
Based on work by Ni518079 - Updated by Nixer55

1. How To Play Darts

How To Throw Darts - Getagrip
A Portrait In Darts - Phil Taylor DVD - Shep
How To Play Darts - Getagrip
Official Darts Regulation Authority Rules
How To Hit A 180 - Getagrip
Dart Etiquette - *Saber*
How To Speak Darts, Jargon and Lingo - *Saber*
Bob Anderson - How to throw darts - *Saber*

2. How To Fix/Set Up A Dartboard

Dartboard Basic Measurements - Catalaya
Get The Right Bull Height On Uneven Ground Or With Obstructions - Dirty G
Mounting A Dartboard On A Door - conanthewarrior
See How The Nutz Set Up Their Boards - Getagrip

3. How To Choose The Right Darts

Money saving tip for beginners - Trukje
How to find your perfect darts? - vanJupp
Starting Darts Cheat Sheet - Jamie373
How To Choose The Right Darts And Set Up - Dirty G
What Percent % Tungsten? - The D'Artist

4. How To Grip A Dart

How To Decide On A Grip - grebber
Where Do The Nutz Grip Their Darts - Getagrip - Poll
Show Us Your Grip - images of nutz grips - Getagrip
Wax or Chalk May Help - Trix
Don't GRIP your Darts - Dorian

5. Understanding Your Flights

How To Keep Your Flights On, Punches And Rings - Regulatori
Big Wings Flights & Discussion - asquick
Molded Flights - Crusher17

6. Understanding Your Stems

Stems - Shafts Discussion Area
Best Nylon/plastic Stems? - Billyscarfe
Help choosing stems? - reddog153

7. Understanding Your Points

How And Why To Scuff Your Points - Regulatori
To Use Storm Points Or Not? - Rebel
How To Use A Repointer - Getagrip
Removing Broken Points - Custom Made Darts
Replacement Point Size - Gonko

8. How To Get Better At Darts

Flight School - George Silberzahn
Practice, Practice, Practice - Forum Challenges


Tips for Playing Cricket - *Saber*


Know Your Outs, 3 dart outs - *Saber*
Know Your Outs, 2 dart outs - *Saber*
Variations Checkout Table - Nightcrawler
Opened this thread for posting.  If you see a broken link, or have a suggestion for a new one, let us know!  And thanks to wabbzz who found the broken DRA link!  Smile

A lot of good and informative threads, all in one place.
Thanks for posting.
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(03-01-2019, 06:59 PM)nixer55 Wrote: Opened this thread.  If you see a broken link, or have a good suggestion for a new one, post in this thread!  And thanks to wabbzz who found the broken DRA link!  Smile


+1 for this and for helping me out with mys consistently bad posts on selling and trading darts
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Ohhhhh!!!! Shiny shiny easy to pounce on guides!!! Good stuff Maynard!!!
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Couple of links added.  If you see something that looks good, feel free to post in this thread!
New link added in 'How to Play Darts' - from this post by Shep:


Video mentioned by Ancient Darter in 2016 or so, but giving it to Shep because he included the link.  Could've been mentioned earlier but that's all I could find - lol.

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