Post of the Month (July)
Here it is folks our Customs post of the month for July and it is a prototype set of darts we made after a customer had asked whether it was possible for us to do or not.

25.5g - 7.90mm Dia x 46.00mm

As this is a prototype set they are actually for sale, if you are interested they are listed on the customs website -

[Image: 37757603_2106634436255880_21315821930115...e=5C0561F4]

We thought we'd also share some of the other darts we've made that were a little bit different to the norm....

15g - 6.10mm Dia x 40.60mm Long (180° Spirals).

[Image: 36528618_2082684245317566_53923300571485...e=5BC607DB]

18g - 5.65mm Dia x 50.00mm Long (180° Spirals)

[Image: 35972907_2075511762701481_78440151834783...e=5BD8356F]

22g - 6.30mm Dia x 49.80mm Long (3 x 720° CW Spirals & 3 x 720° CCW Spirals)

[Image: 36774230_2088627548056569_48276358831485...e=5BD46E3F]
MadHouse Darts
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MadHouse Darts
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Definitely an eye opener to the amazing range of possibilities, always blown away by the quality of the darts Madhouse produce
[Image: GEpKdcf.png] 
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Very nice Smile
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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
Very interesting concepts .

Match Darts=Target Darryl Fitton,s® 22g

Back ups= Hmmmmm??? ®

 And..A few sets of spares .®   Rolleyes


Top work as always Smile
[Image: Screenshot_2016-05-18-13-32-16_1_zpsr8vibhtm.jpg]
If ever there was a specialty shop to do work like this it would have to be your place. Very sweet designs.
Some more great designs this month, and more top quality workmanship
“Good stuff Maynard”.   Smile
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Really nice craftsmanship Tony. The prototype looks like a hexaset version of the Taylor gen 1/gen 2.
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