Three in a Bed. (Big Single Target Practice Game)
I've been on the forum for about a year - so let's design a new game to celebrate.
"Three in a Bed."

The aim is to get all three darts into the same bed.
Every dart that hits the same target will multiply the segment score: x4 for two darts and x9 for all three.
And the segments score 1-2-3-4 Big Single/ Treble Ring/ Small Single/ Double Ring

1 Dart /-- 2 Darts /- 3 Darts   /------- Bed
 1 ------/---4 ---------/---- 9 ---------/-------- Big Single
 2-------/----8---------/----- 18 ------/-------- Treble Ring
 3-------/----12-------/--------27 ----/-------- Small Single
 4-------/-----16------/---------36----/-------  Double Ring

The double ring has the potential to score the most, as it has the biggest risk/reward.  You can score huge but you can easily miss everything.
The treble ring doesn't score as much as it located between two other scoring zones. If you miss a treble you have a good chance you hit something other score... where is the risk in that?
The small single area is often ignored on a dart board so gets a nice reward - and scores more than the treble ring, but it gets awfully tight the closer your dart gets to the bullseye.

So one dart in the big single will score 1 point. A second dart means BOTH darts will score 4 points, a third arrow in the same bed means all three arrows will score 9 points each for a grand total of 27 points.
This multiplier only effects darts in the same bed, not the same segment.
The Treble Ring is only worth twice that of the big single bed (2/8/18)
The Small Single is worth three times that of the Big Single (3/12/27)
The Double Ring is where the brave/stupid scores happen. and is worth quadruple of what the Big Single is worth. But it is much smaller and has the big yawning 'no score' outside it. One dart will score 4 points, Hit two and each will score you 16 points (32 in total). All three and you score a big 36 points per dart for the maximum 108 points. 

The game lasts 10 rounds just 30 darts per player, moving through the Odd numbered sectors in turn -
1-> 3-> 5-> 7-> 9-> 11-> 13-> 15-> 17-> 19
Round 1 - you aim at the 1 segment
Round 2 - you aim at the 3 segment
Round 3 - you aim at the 5 segment
...and so forth until ...
Round 10 you aim at the 19 segment

How a game works.
Each round is the usual three darts at one segment. Starting with the "1"
Whoever scores most during that throw wins that round. And the next round is the next odd numbered segment.
Example score
1st --Dart - Big Single (1)
2nd -Dart - Big Single (Now both darts are worth 4 points each so total score so far is 8.)
3rd - Dart - Treble (Final dart just adds 2 more points and doesn't increase the multiplier of the fist two darts.)
Total of 10 points -
If that final dart had hit another big single, then that bed would have been boosted with a 9 times multiplier and so 9+9+9= 27 points... but they hit the treble and only scored 10 points!

Tactics are pretty easy going, Novice players should stick to the simple task of getting all three in the big single. Once you get your eye in, you can risk it for the biscuit, high risk high reward targets.
Do you dare try for the Small Single bed, which is still a pretty big target but can you bury all three in that bed of sisal? Three in this pretty large target can only be beaten by the perfect 'Triple Double'
Do you risk everything on the Double ring? Hit all three and you get an unbeatable 108 points! But miss one dart and you are down to just 32 (33 if it lands a millimetre inside the wire... if it were the other side it would be 75/76 more points.)

List of all possible scores (In any order)
3 Doubles---------------------(108)
3 Small Singles----------------(81)
3 Trebles-------------------------(54)
3 Big Singles------------------------(27)***
2 Doubles - Small Single-------(35)
2 Doubles - Treble--------------(34)
2 Doubles - Big Single----------(33)
2 Doubles - Miss-----------------(32)
2 Small Singles - Double---------(28)
2 Small Singles - Treble-------------(26)
2 Small Singles - Big Single---------(25)
2 Small Singles - Miss----------------(24)
2 Trebles - Double--------------------(20)
2 Trebles - Small Single--------------(19)
2 Trebles - Big Single-----------------(17)
2 Trebles - Miss------------------------(16)
2 Big Singles - Double-----------------(12)
2 Big Singles - Small Single-----------(11)
2 Big Singles - Treble-------------------(10)
2 Big Singles - Miss------------------------(8)***
Double - Small Single - Treble----------(9)
Double - Small Single - Big Single-------(8)
Double - Treble - Big Single ---------------(7)
Small Single - Treble - Big Single ----------(6)***
Double - Small Single- Miss----------------(7)
Double - Treble- Miss-------------------------(6)
Double - Big Single-Miss-----------------------(5)
Small Single - Treble- Miss--------------------(5)
Small Single - Big Single-- Miss----------------(4)
Treble - Big Single--Miss-------------------------(3)***
Double - Miss - Miss-----------------------------(4)
Small Single - Miss - Miss------------------------(3)
Treble - Miss - Miss--------------------------------(2)
Big Single - Miss - Miss-----------------------------(1)
Miss-Miss-Miss --------------------------------------(Sleeping on the streets tonight!)


Ideally, a game to improve your grouping and clustering - increasing your confidence to hit parts of the board that are not glamorous but are essential for a smooth final approach to your leg winning finish when you are left those odd scores under 69. It also has a side effect of improving a players confidence with the unplanned odd doubles which can phase a player into a bad shot even before they throw a dart.

10 rounds means it is pretty simple to work out your average round score - and if you note down the scores you can see your weak and strong numbers.
The important aspect is getting multiple darts into the same bed. Solid tight grouping all around the board... No target will be safe!
Ryk is currently using:-
 鈴木 未来  Jadeite 24g
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RYK - Red Dragon - Lisa Ashton's 24g Score - 222pts 20180729- 7pm
1--(81)-- ss-ss-ss
3--(8)-- bs-bs-m
5--(27)-- bs-bs-bs
7--(8)-- bs-bs-m
9--(1)-- bs-m-m
11-(11)-- bs-bs-ss
13-(32)-- dr-dr-m
15-(3)-- tr-bs-m
17-(27)-- bs-bs-bs
19-(24)-- ss-ss-m
222pts Total
Average of 22.2

Should be a lot better on those 9's!
Ryk is currently using:-
 鈴木 未来  Jadeite 24g
::  L-Shaft Locked Slim 300 Emerald :: Metal Champagne Ring Aqua :: - L-Flight Dimple Solid Emerald  :: Winmau Blade 6 ::
Hi Ryk,

I had a go at this but may need some help with scoring! I went...

1---- bs-bs-m----------- 8
3---- bs-bs-bs----------27
5---- bs-m-bs----------- 8
7---- m-m-m ----------- 0
15--- m-bs-m------------1
19--- t-ss-m------------- 5

Which I make 160...

I only played this once and with no clear tactic but it's a score I think I could beat.

It's a good game though as you have the aspect of risking the 3 x big single in favour of something more lucrative and glamorous.

+1 would play again!

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Best Checkout: 154 (League), 160 (Pro Darter)
This is kind of quirky, but interesting.  I gave it a couple of quick tries,with a best so far of 247.  I know I can do better.
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Best 501 game: 11 darts  (3 times)
Best 1001 game: 27 darts
High finish: 170
2019 180s: 149/200  2020 180s: 38/200
Lifetime 3 x Bull: 41
Will give this a go!

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