Argos winmau hi impact 2 darts
Hi all, this is not really a review, more of a post to provide some info on these darts.  I changed my grip recently and found that the old hi impact darts that i had lying around were going really well for me.  

As such I thought I would try the new version.  They are 95% tungsten, 24g, blue nitride coating, match weighted +-.05g, made in kenya and cost 27£.  They are 51 mm long, 6.5mm wide with a 27mm point (using tape measure so innacurate).

So far I'm liking them, they are more of a straight barrel design than the previous version but are very similar otherwise.  Both versions look more grippy than they feel in the hand.

In the box...
[Image: JTbU5du.jpg]

Vs the The old version
[Image: nZ418Or.jpg]
Got a set of the older version (The one the right), the grip on the rear rings is much sharper than you would think. Very crisp edges on those rear grooves at the rear bit.
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Nice looking darts mate love a simple ring grip straight barrel dart. Good to go back to ring grip straight barrels for me when I'm struggling with my tapered darts
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Nice darts, have a set myself. I'd say the grip is a low medium. Using short stems and amazon flights. Fly pretty well but I do get the odd shanked release.
Argos do some decent stuff at decent prices
Working offshore and they have these on board. Found them surprisingly decent with a good grip

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