Best ways to practice doubles?
Cycle through the 2 dart Check-outs descending from 60, or ascending through to 60, or randomly picked out of a hat.

I've found it highly beneficial to add the need to set up the double, therefore to mimic what you have to do in an actual competitive Leg, especially the often situation you find one self in of having change targets from Single to Double on the same throw.... Cos for most of us... when hunting the Double down, invariably find our selves on a 2 dart check-out below 60.
Some great advice on here...Around the world doubles is always a good way to get loose when starting a practice session.

One piece of advice that always stuck with me from when I first started playing was from my grandfather down the local pub "as you practice, make mental notes of the doubles that fit your eye well so you always have a few numbers, in a pressure spot, to rely on."
I made a home in the D12 D16 D8 during competitive play. Every player has their favorites and some of them are unusual, but that's what makes the game two eyes are the same!

cheers and best of luck in all of your practice, but perhaps keep that in mind about those special doubles that suit you!

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