Tip for playing Cricket
There are so many other cricket skills needed that I could not be able to cover them all, but let me talk about a few that are not usually mentioned. In cricket, the game is usually won early on, within the first couple of throwing turns. If you notice this to be the case, you would agree that the beginning throws are the most important, most of the time. Winning the bulls eye is paramount. Practice throwing darts at the bulls eye to give yourself the best chance to start each game. I often shoot 30 darts at the bull, recording how many times I hit it and how many double bulls I made. Another important cricket starting skill is closing 20s on your first turn (that is if you won the bull). Create a practice routine of hitting three fat 20s, so that you know you can do it in the game situation under pressure. A good way to start is by throwing your first dart, aiming just under the double 20. By getting those first two darts into the 20 wedge, you take a lot of pressure off yourself to hit a third. With the twenties closed, you improve your chances of winning immensely. Another important cricket situational skill is being able to hit a single bull at any time in the game. It takes at least two darts to close the bulls (a single bull and a double), so capturing a single early in the game can be very helpful. Practice throwing two darts at other numbers or targets, then throw the third at bulls. Record results. The important thing is that you assess weaknesses from competition play, then work on them with these drills.

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When we play on tuesday nights I see a lot of frustration from people when the other team closes a number or two in the first throws. This throws off the rest of their game. When I see my partner do the same thing I tell them to calm down and play, there are chances and opportunities to come back. The group I play with the bulls can give everyone problems and it seems everyone has a number or two they have troubles hitting as well.

It is good advice you give by practicing bulls and closing out the 20's early. I know if I can get at least two marks each set of throws and my partner can do similar then we have a decent chance of winning. I am sure it is different with other players and better players.
good observation poop- winning the bull to me is extremely Important in winning at Cricket. Stats have shown that its a 6-8 % advantage. I have just started throwing for a bull in the middle of the game. Hitting 1 or possibly 2 is huge toward end of game.
Quick question from someone who has not played the game:

Your opponent goes first and hits 3 big 20's (ie he closes it but doesn't score anything) - it's then your turn so would you try and close the 20's and risk only hitting 2 leaving him free to score on them next go, or would you go straight at the 19's?
Depends on who I am playing and who my partner is (we play pick up games). If I know I am playing a better player I will go at the 19's and try to point it. If I play a team that might not be too strong I will close the 20's behind them.

If playing a better team or player I would go at 19's and let's say by some miracle I hit a single and a treb giving me 19pts I will take that last dart and go at the 20's. The idea for me at least to go for points is not so much to be a dick but to make the other team waste darts trying to point back. giving them less darts to close out other numbers.

If playing an equal or not so good team I just close behind them. Hoping and kinda knowing there will be some misses allowing my team to catch up.

If I am unsure of the team I am playing I would go with the first scenario and go at the 19's and hope to point them.
If at start of game as u said I would throw the 20's. If I miss first dart straight to the 19's. I hate chasing but have hit treble 20 first dart then go to 19's
Chasing is pretty much a sure fire way to lose a game unless you get lucky down the line and hit big on some of the lesser value numbers. But, like mentioned, my strategy sometimes differs and is generally governed by who I'm playing. I know all the guys in our division and have played against them, or watched them play, for several seasons and know their strengths and weaknesses.

Like Saber, if the opener simply closes the 20's, I'll throw for them, but if I miss, it's on to the 19's in just about every instance.
I once had a subscription to "Bullseye News" magazine many years ago and they had a great series of articles by Tony Payne about how to play Cricket. It was titled "Thermonuclear Cricket" and it covered every aspect of the game and strategy involved. It was geared to the better players of the game, but could be toned down to fit just about everyone's level of play.

I don't know if you can get the articles on-line by going to their site, but it may be worth a stab.

To try to explain how to play Cricket to a novice and all the strategies involved is a daunting task at best. I've often said it is like trying to teach a novice card player how to play Bouree', a Cajun card game similar to hearts that is loaded with rules and penalties that can cost the player dearly from their pocket.
Dear Friends, I'm very new around here. Here in Turkey Cricket game is very popular. I think It's more exciting than #01 games. reason is obvious. In #01 games strategy is easy. score as much as you can hitting 20, and dont miss the check out. Actually in #01 games you are playing playing with yourself, not againist your opponent. You may close your eyes while oppenents turn and just concentrate on your throws. But in cricket (Cut throat) you have to defend your weak points and offense with your strong points. Means changing strategies, according to tension of the game. Hitting triple is very important, Moreover hitting second triple is much more important. Which unavoidably makes your skills keener.
Critical decision while playing cricket is that. where to throw last dart in your hand. whether throwing it to 16 to close 16 for punishment, or throwing it to t17 to close it while your opponent waiting for to punish you!!
Regards, Nadir.
I'm not so called, a real darts nut!!
(11-19-2013, 02:32 PM)uncle poop Wrote: When we play on tuesday nights I see a lot of frustration...

Psychology, to me, is a huge component of cricket. Is your opponent easily distracted? Easily upset? What pushes their buttons -- aggressive pointing? Straying from the usual 20-19-18 etc.? Closing the bulls early? And when your opponents get mad, does it make them worse or better?
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