Exporting Messages from the PM system
How to Download / Export Private Messages - Nixer55

If you use the Private Message system (PM), sooner or later you'll run out of allotted space.  Current usage is displayed when you select a folder - like your 'Inbox': 

[Image: 773Odl7.jpg]

My usage is fine in this example, but let's step through the process of saving your messages to your local device.

From the PM system, find the 'Download Messages' menu choice:

[Image: fryRLz7.jpg]

This takes you into the "Export Private Messages" dialogue.  From this point forward, much depends on your device and personal preferences as to how you save messages.  I'll demonstrate a few options that work for me, but only as suggestions.  Do what works for you. 

Firstly, I export folders separately - 'inbox', then 'sent', and so on.  I also tend to disregard date, but again a personal preference.  Now the big one.  On your first attempt, I would not change the default setting of 'NO' for 'Delete Exported Messages'.  See red arrow below.  You want to be sure everything works before deleting anything.  This is how I set it up:

[Image: itGLfo9.jpg]

I personally export to an Excel file (csv), which works well for me - but you have to 'tweak' a few settings in your spreadsheet program for readability.  Mainly just vertical alignment and word wrap, which experienced users of such software will have no problem with.

Once you have something that works on your local device, you can either repeat the process toggling the 'Delete Exported Messages' to 'Yes', or just delete them in the PM system.  The latter is my preferred approach, but be sure to empty your 'Trash Can' when your done deleting!  

That's about it from the forum side of things.  Now you have exported messages on your local device, and hopefully more room to send PM's!
Very helpfull post for those who sont want to lose any of their pms. +1
I never noticed that option
Great guide Smile
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