Dawson Murschell Signature Darts
[Image: Dh_OpOQWAAECOi_.jpg:large]
[Image: Dh_SEz-W0AEhgz6.jpg:large]

Fresh off his performance at the US Darts Masters.  Set includes a brand new Prism Alpha flight design and a black shaft from the Prism Force range. From Winmau: "We have worked with North American PDC star, 'Awesome Dawson' to develop this 90% tungsten signature set, and this stunning dart includes our class-leading Onyx Performance Coating."
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Nice! looks like a shorter andos, wish they came in 24g too though,
23g dobey phase 2
Extra short stems
Target no2 flights
Good classic style, think they may be popular Smile
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Very nice - surprised only the single weight though
If only they were under 50mm and weighed 25g. What was Winmau thinking?! Dodgy
Liberal heathen
Awesome looking . Dimensions are perfect for me . Smile

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I really like these! Wonder what price they'll be!

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Very nice darts  Smile  gonna get them
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Gando noire....
(07-13-2018, 03:31 PM)cubdog Wrote: If only they were under 50mm and weighed 25g. What was Winmau thinking?! Dodgy

My thoughts exactly.

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