Shanghai: Why do we call it that?
I was wondering the other day how the game shanghai got its name. No particular reason. Just curious  Smile

For example a shanghai shot on 20s (as most people in this forum probably already know), is when you hit: T20, single 20 and D20. But why is it called "Shanghai" ?

Anybody happens to know?
Ignore the "how you are doing it" in favor of "where you are sending it."
According to Pr Patrick Chaplin :
"The word SHANGHAI comes from nautical slang and means 'to drug of otherwise render insensible, and ship on board a vessel wanting hands.' Nowadays, in a general sense 'shanghai'ed' means anything that has interrupted someone's actions or train of thought, for example “The boss then shanghai'ed the meeting and talked about nothing but himself for the rest of the morning.”

In the darts sense it means that, by hitting single, double and treble with one turn of three darts you have effectively 'shanghai'ed' the rest of the players out of the game - something none of them wanted to happen."

Cheers , Smile
Gotta love Dr. Patrick Chaplin . A veritable unending resource on “Anything “ Darts.

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always wanderd why it's called like that nice post !!
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