Anyone try Bull's phantom grip darts??
I like the look of the microgrip on these darts, especially how they go all the way to the back of the barrel. I'm a rear gripper and i think they would suit my taste, does anyone have any experience with this dart? Thanks Huh
They’re good darts for all kinds of grip. Basically a cheaper Barney Phase 1 in 80% tungsten. You’ll have to replace them pretty often though as the grip will wear out fast.

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I have a set of the datadart icon barney version. that has the microgrip as well
Darts used-25g Bristow red ring argos specials
Shafts used- Unicorn maestro medium 
Flights used- slim flights
Ayup Rollback

I throw with Bulls golden titanium 5 star, which are basically Mensur's darts.
Great quality darts, had mine a few yrs now.

Thanks guys, I was a Tuvalu looking at the Mensur dart, figured this would be a lot cheaper and easier to order

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