Remove Pictures from Quoted Posts - PC
How to Remove Images from Quoted Posts - PC version

Reading quoted posts with large pictures becomes difficult and annoying for many members.  Also hard to pick your text comment out of the clutter!  When you quote, the green arrow is a link to the original post, so displaying the image over and over is not required or desirable.  So please remove pictures when quoting!

Two types of images typically seen in posts - links and attachments. Attached images are not an issue, because they're automatically dropped in the quote process.  How to know the difference?  Simply mouse over an image.  If it says 'Filename: blah, blah', it's an attachment.  If not, it's a link.

Here's how to clean-up those links in your reply, and make the forum experience better for everyone:

When you select a post to quote, you go to the 'Quick reply' box at the bottom of page.  There you're prompted to quote or deselect.  Quoting keeps you in the Quick Reply editor, but you can edit the contents.  Looks like this: 

[Image: O17Pbb0.jpg]

Select everything beginning with '[img' and ending with 'img]'  Like this: 

[Image: 2X58ZYq.jpg]

At this point you can hit backspace to remove, or type something like 'Edit: Pics removed'.  The highlighted string will be over-written with your new text.  Like this:

[Image: syakncj.jpg]

Now you're ready to go to the 'Preview Post' page, which is also the main editor.  From there you can check your results and add extra text or fancy stuff like text effects and emoticons.  When you're satisfied, hit the 'Post Reply' button!

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