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We're all used to searching the Internet with Google, that miracle of modern technology.  But you can't expect the same from a forum search box.  Huge difference in technology, and a lot of money!  But the forum search can be a very useful tool with a few tips and tricks.  Now - there IS a way to get Google to do all the work for you, which I'll get to.  If you're in a hurry to see that particular trick, go directly to the end of this tutorial.

For those still with us, I'll try to cover the forum's built in search function.   This will be familiar stuff to anyone around in the early days of the World Wide Web, when search engines were pretty simple.  Like those days, the forum search is keyword only - but you can type in multiple keywords.  How the forum handles those type of searches takes a little getting used to, but you can make it work for you.  Let's start with simple search from the main page:

[Image: qm8TtT4.png]

Typing in 'Unicorn' would give us too many hits to be useful, so let's try 'Unicorn Launch 2019'.  Type it in without the single quotes.  Here's what we get:  

[Image: PQgYrdF.png]

Not bad!  If we look at the first result post, we can see how the search worked by the yellow highlights:

[Image: LivQQEV.png]

In this case, all three search words were in the title, two were also in the post itself.   So everything worked well this time, but how multiple search terms are 'weighted' can be tricky.  Let's try to find that post with a literal search.  This is a search placing a word or phrase between quotes.  I'll search for "public launch" in the search box.  In this case you would leave the quotes in place.  And the results?

[Image: 7DG9kjy.png]

On a roll here!  You can see from the highlights, we got an exact hit!

Sometimes we might want to search only certain parts of the forum, and/or posts from a specific user.  To do this and more, go to the Search page from the main menu.  I'll setup a search for posts by me, over the entire forum, looking for the words "boolean' AND 'search'.  Probably not the best example - who but 'Nixer' would use the word 'boolean' on a darts forum??  Tongue 

But I happen to know there's a post out there with those words, and I need to find it to finish this tutorial.  Let's see how we get on:

[Image: erjBS4z.png]

You can see the various options - part of the forum, number of replies, date criteria, and sorting options.  I like using posts as a result, but whatever works for you.  So what did we get with the search?  Well, we found it no problem...

[Image: UjrSaGH.png]

And here is the post contents.  Just what  I was looking for...

[Image: zaELadZ.png]

So you can see we found both "Boolean" and "search", as the highlights demonstrate.  So the built in search is fairly powerful, you just need to get used to it.  I find it's fine for locating things you know are there, but a little tricky if you're flying blind.  Like when you're creating a thread, and don't want to ask a question previously covered.  For things like a specific dart model, should work fine.   Fuzzier searches, maybe not as well.

Which leads me to leveraging Google - arguably the most powerful search engine on the planet.  The forum is heavily indexed by Google and other search engines.  If you use the advanced features of Google, you can search for results only on DartsNutz.  More than one way to do this, but the method pictured should work for any browser on any device.

In the Google search bar, type or paste in "" - without the quotes - followed by your search criteria.  Like this:

[Image: KVRZOOc.png]

And there you have it - a whirlwind tour!  DartsNutz has tremendous resources of content.  Use the search function and/or Google to dig it out.  Good darting all!
Anytime I want to find anything here on the Nutz, I write in a few key words into the google searching bar alongside with words "darts nutz". For me it's the only way how to qickly find a particular content. I gave up on the local searching engine a long time ago.
Great post Nixer! I've also used Google when the internal search hasn't worked and now I know why Smile
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Thanks for the comments guys.  The google 'hack' is a good tip, but don't underestimate the built in search.  Especially when using the search Page.  I use that all the time, when I know the poster's forum name, and where something should be - like BSS for example.  In such cases, it's faster and the results more relevant than google.  As I mention in the tutorial, google is king for fuzzier or more general searching.  Which is not surprising given the comparative scale of the technologies.  Rolleyes

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