Winmau World Masters 2018
Not sure why but for some reason I thought Mikuru was down to play Ana in the quarters - she will actually play Deta Hedman. The ladies quarter finals and timings on Saturday are:

13.00 Lorraine Winstanley vs Casey Gallagher
14.30 Anastasia Dobromyslova vs Sue Gulliver
16.00 Deta Hedman vs Mikuru Suzuki
17.30 Lisa Ashton vs Corrine Hammond

Obviously mens last 16 games are interspersed with the above
As well as WinmauTV it looks like the BDO youtube channel will be streaming the action as well:

Today from 11am:

Saturday from 1pm:

Sunday from 12pm:
Durrant and Walton just started.

Big congrats to Canadian Hayley Crowley in making the girls final. mint  Had a tough go versus Beau Greaves losing 4-0, but good for her making the effort to go over and compete and do well also. Smile
Hayley started off really strongly but Beau just seemed to have an extra dart and classy finishing.

The Boys final is well worth a watch for anyone to snag a rewatch before the result is spoilt.
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Have to say decent runs from our Canadian Youth, congrats Hayley on the final, i see top 32 & 16 for some of the boys
Here's all the scores from today

Girls Final - Beau Greaves 4-0 Hayley Crowley

Boys Final - Keane Barry 3-4 Jurjen Van Der Walde

Mens last 32
Glen Durrant 3-1 John Walton
Scott Baker 1-3 Gary Stone
Ross Montgomery 1-3 Mario Vandenbogaerde
Gary Robson 3-1 Wouter Waes
Scott Mitchell 3-1 Shane McGuirk
Willem Mandigers 3-1 Ricardo Pietreczko
Chris Landman 1-3 David Copley
Wesley Harms 2-3 Eddie Mordica
Jim Williams 3-2 Nigel Heydon
Richard Veenstra 3-0 Sebastian Steyer
Dave Parletti 3-1 Krzysztof Kciuk
Scott Waites 3-0 Roger Janssen
Michael Unterbuchner 3-1 John Burgess
Wayne Warren 3-0 Terry Stubbs
Daniel Day 0-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Mark McGeeney 3-1 Keith Geraghty

Some enjoyable games in there today, hopefully some more good games tomorrow - not sure of the schedule yet for tomorrow other than the ladies quarters posted earlier in the thread
Schedule of play for Saturday

13.00 Casey Gallagher (ENG) v Lorraine Winstanley (ENG)
13.30 Glen Durrant (ENG) v Gary Stone (SCO)
14.00 Mario Vandenbogaerde (BEL) v Gary Robson (ENG)
14.30 Sue Gulliver (ENG) v Anastasia Dobromyslova (RUS)
15.00 Scott Mitchell (ENG) v Willem Mandigers (NL)
15.30 David Copley (ENG) v Eddie Mordica (ENG)
16.00 Mikuru Suzuki (JAP) v Deta Hedman (ENG)
16.30 Jim Williams (WAL) v Richard Veenstra (NL)
17.00 Dave Parletti (ENG) v Scott Waites (ENG)
17.30 Corrine Hammond (AUS) v Lisa Ashton (ENG)
18.00 Michael Unterbuchner (GER) v Wayne Warren (WAL)
18.30 Adam Smith-Neale (ENG) v Mark McGeeney (ENG)

Youtube link -
Another enjoyable day watching the stream - scores from todays games

Ladies Quarter Finals
Casey Gallagher 4-0 Lorraine Winstanley
Sue Gulliver 1-4 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Mikuru Suzuki 3-4 Deta Hedman
Corrine Hammond 1-4 Lisa Ashton

Mens Last 16
Glen Durrant 3-0 Gary Stone
Mario Vandenbogaerde 1-3 Gary Robson
Scott Mitchell 3-2 Willem Mandigers
David Copley 3-1 Eddie Mordica
Jim Williams 3-1 Richard Veenstra
Dave Parletti 1-3 Scott Waites
Michael Unterbuchner 0-3 Wayne Warren
Adam Smith-Neale 3-2 Mark McGeeney
Been some good matches today. Looking forward to tomorrow.
Crazy when most of Japan rocked up into the chat to watch a very hard fought game for Mikuru Suzuki against Deta "Gojira" Hedman. (Deta was towering over little Mikuru.)

ナイスゲーム - "Nice game" as so many of them typed! (Naisugaymu if you want to try and say that)
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