Winmau World Masters 2018
Probably a good job it's not on tv if they are going to take an hours break now - that will put them about an hour behind the published scheduled times!!!
Obviously the commentator ain't got a clue - when he said they were taking an hours break I turned the stream off to do a couple of bits round the flat. I just had a look on dfw to look at the averages and Durrant/Mitchell have already played 2 sets so I just turned the stream back on in time to see Duzza make it 2-1 in sets!!! Bloody commentators!!!
streaming youtube through the tv as oppose the pc,but i wish they would give some idea
on the waiting times between games
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Made it back for the last couple of sets - well played Adam Smith-Neale earning himself a place at the Worlds in January
Oh, and that also means that Wes Newton who was in standby for the Worlds won't be there
(10-07-2018, 03:11 PM)mc1958 Wrote: This particular event is being held in a seaside town outside of the usual holiday period, so there are basically only local people there now - and the event hasn't really been advertised there either so the locals don't know it's on.  In addition it costs £15 per person per day to watch - so a family of 4 for example you are looking at £60 entry before even thinking about refreshments inside the venue.

I dread to think what will happen for the Worlds - they've still not confirmed the venue yet, so obviously no tickets on sale and it's coming up to the Christmas period so money will be short for a lot of people.  I can't see the Worlds being on tv either, at least not any major station, so I reckon that will just end up being streamed as well with the same people doing the production as this event.

My mate played there. He didn't make it to the stage matches. However, he could buy tickets for a better price since he was a I've just watched the final. It was a pretty decent game and it deserved more than 20 bored people in the audience. If organisers had made it free entry for everyone it would be much a better event.
Very entertaining and good quality final. Just a shame not a whole lot of people saw it....
I enjoy the whole event, it was quality darts day after day, great final of darts, one thing the PDC could take from the BDO is how to atleast stream an event lol
15 quid for 6-8 hours is pretty good.
Didn't see any of the games but what darts did Adam Smith Neal use as I used to love his dual coated smooth darts from years ago by red dragon. Might have to dig them out again and have a throw
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