Winmau World Masters 2018
The sheets are well behind - Ryan Hogarth, Nigel Haydon and Krzysysztof Kciuk have all won through to Lakeside, and Andy Hamilton is currently playing Chris Gilliland for the last qualifying spot (although Hamilton will qualify anyway if the winner of the Masters is already there).

Not sure of the current status, but the following 7 are through to the last 8 in the ladies qualifying - Karolina Podorgska, Malgorzata Markowska, Sandy Hudson, Tina Neylon, Line Kristiansen, Vicky Pruim and Mikura Suzuki.
Hamilton won 2-1 to book his place at Lakeside irrespective of who wins the Masters
Not sure how many ladies get through to Lakeside today - I think it's 2 - but Mikuru Suzuki just beat Line Kristiansen 3-1 to qualify
Ladies is two go through - the other qualifier joining Mikuru will be either Karolina Podgorska from Poland or Sandy Hudson from the USA
Karolina Podgorska wins 3-1 as well to book her place at Lakeside - I keep saying Lakeside as I'm guessing it will still be there in January lol
The youth final at Lakeside (or wherever lol) will be between Nathan Girvan from Scotland and Leighton Bennett from England.

Leighton Bennett is the 12 year old who beat Ricky Evans and Rhys Hayden amongst others when winning the Cambridge Open recently. Nathan Girvan is a good player as well, so should be a good final if either televised or streamed.
Very interesting that Hamilton is in because that makes him the first PDC World Championship finalist to qualify for the BDO World Championship later on - he should do alright.
[Image: 37d4kf.jpg]
Results of the floor games today will be updated on the draw sheet at the end of play, not during the day.

Both Trina and Aileen went out first round though in the ladies. Hamilton out of the mens losing to John Boy - both John Boy and Wolfie are in the semi finals of their board and could meet in the board final to decide who goes through to the stage games tomorrow.
I think there's still one person left to qualify, but the following are through to tomorrows last 32 stage games in the mens:

Nigel Heydon
John Walton
Keith Geraghty
Roger Janssen
Sebastian Steyer
Adam Smith Neale
John Burgess
Eddie Mordica
Dave Copley
Shane McGuirk
Terry Stubbs
Ricardo Pietreczko
Gary Stone
Mario Vandenbogaerde
Krzysztof Kciuk

The ladies games look like they are now at the last 32 stage, and the boys final tomorrow morning will be between Jurjen Van Der Walde and Keane Barry.

As an aside, now that Andy Hamilton has qualified for Lakeside/wherever in January, Wes Newton is now the standby player and will also get through to Lakeside should the Masters winner have already qualified.
(10-03-2018, 04:40 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Just been having a quick look through the current results from todays Lakeside playoffs - Martin Adams won't be there (not as a player anyway), Hankey and Fordham both out as is Wes Newton.  Larry Butler currently at the last 32 stage - hope he makes it after his health scare earlier in the year.

i'm sorry, did you just say Martin Adams won't be playing at lakeside??

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