Shot Ronin Makoto : The Honest One 24g dart review
Shot Ronin Makoto : The Honest One 24g dart review


90% Tungsten.
50.0mm Barrel length
07.5mm Ultimate Thickness
30.0mm Exposed black coated steel point
09.0mm Rear Drill depth
25.0mm Actual midpoint of barrel
21.5mm Centre of Gravity Barrel & Point only
25.0mm Centre of Gravity Supplied set up
£64-95 (Darts Corner 20180620)

Also available in 22g, 23g and 25g. These are the 24g Version.

The Dart- First Impressions
They come in a slim stylish green cardboard box with subtle background artwork that evokes medieval Japan. Big Ronin text and an iconic Samurai Sword rack with a stylized Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto all neatly in place. A few peek-a-boo windows, with the fully set up dart behind one of them. The back of the box has some blurb giving you a flavour of the life of a lord less samurai (Ronin) honourably following Bushido - and a clear plastic hanger you can swap locations for it to hang vertically or horizontally. If hanging up dart boxes is you kind of thing...
Inside the box is a slim double layer foam insert tray - letting a single dart be on quick reaction alert, ready to be thrown with purpose, as soon as it leaves the box! The other two barrels are on show, as are the other two Eagle Claw Stems (In a clear dark indigo colour) with Three slot rings (for the Elven kings?). The remaining pair of Standard Shape No.6 flights are pre punched and sit on the Barrel weight match guarantee card. (A Black piece of folded card with the weight written in the blood of a Unicorn!)

Click to enlarge

 The barrels look amazing, a flat picture just doesn't do it justice, all crisp shiny tungsten and --- these were made on virtually the other side of this planet! My fragile little mind is still juggling that nugget of information (You can bet there is no-one in New Zealand opening up a jar of imported English Marmite with quite the same level of "wow" as Ryk did with these darts!)
Handling - The grip is pretty extreme to be honest, The Masonry grip zones have multiple vertex points (corners) which will pinch your skin in an odd way - A lot like an off road bike tyre - The other style of grip is the Gauntlet grip is kind of similar to my a Red Dragon Delta Grip, only several steps less aggressive. If you hold the darts 'barrel to barrel' the cuts don't "grab" each other and interlock - so you should be able to transfer darts without any worries there. A small detail but thankfully not overlooked by the designers.
The longitudinal details are located every 90° with the masonry grip being offset by 45° per 'course' of bricks.

(So I imagine the dots as locations around the globe England/Bangladesh/New Zealand and...the Grand Duch-eese of Wisconsin.  - The other dots are at 135W/45W/45E/135E - obviously... Inuvik, Rio de Janerio, Baghdad and Osaka.
(England - I live in Sunny Eng-Ger-Lund!) (Bangladesh has the National Flag depicts a close up of a Bullseye.) (New Zealand - They made the Darts) (Wisconsin... it was that or New Orleans.)

The barrel layout looks great but is broken down simply.
The nose cone is a graceful curve in three parts.
Initial Nose cone of polished Tungsten,
A single Masonry Grip row and then a thicker smooth ring that ends the nose cone.
Then you have the Bulb of the dart - Five courses of Masonry grip.
Then you have the Neck of the dart -  three sets of double shark grip each has a lateral groove cut every 45° (So if you spin the dart, there are Eight chunks of double shark grip in 3 courses.
If you just blank off the rest of the dart here you'd have a rather tasty looking bullet style dart

- but Shot gives you more!
The tail of the barrel has 8 courses of masonary grip. Plenty of rock solid grip. 
And the dart ends with a slight tapered smooth tungsten ring which has been laser etched with not one but two logos!
One is the "S" Shot logo in a Maori style and the other is the Japanese Katakana for Makoto. Which was nice.

Scales - (This should be sweet - or else I will be folding sheets of paper, reciting my own death poetry and using my wakizashi to rearange my intestines to apologise for my shame!)
23-96g - 24.00g - 24.00g
The Little Weight Match card said 23.95 and the expected tolerance is 0.05g and here I have 0.04g, inside their weight match pledge.  With the supplied set up mine came to 25.54g

Barrel Map

Start   - End  - (Distance)   Description
00.0 - 02.5mm -(2.5mm) Nosecone Elliptical Start
02.5 - 05.5mm -(3.0mm) "Tanto" Single course of Sloped Masonry grip zone
05.5 - 09.0mm -(3.5mm) Nosecone Elliptical End
09.0 - 19.0mm -(10.0mm) "Wakizashi" 5 courses of Flat Masonry grip (7.5mm thick)
19.0 - 27.0mm -(8.0mm) Tapered triple layer "Gauntlet Grip" of double shark with 8 Longitudinal cuts every 45° on a slight taper.
27.0 - 44.0mm -(17.0mm) "Katana" 8 courses of Flat Masonry grip
44.0 - 50.0mm -(6.0mm) End Ring with Shot Logo and Makoto Katakana on polished Tungsten.

Click to enlarge

Nose Cone
The dart has a 'spring onion' shape to it. But the initial nosecone has two deep painted grooves around a single course of masonry grip, this creates a pair of vertical surfaces at the front of the dart that will "chew up" the back of flights - real flight killers they will slice them up with impunity. But that is good news for all those front grippers as you get a "Tanto" sized grip area. The grip is very good but the area isn't huge and you are on the wrong side of a taper.
Wakizashi Zone - This is the second area of masonry grip on the bulb and heart of the barrel, Very high level of grip here - it doesn't interlock (The brick size is greater than the groove width) It is on the bulb but it is a flat area - so a consistent high grip zone.
Gauntlet Grip (Double Shark with lateral slices)
On a taper, fine lateral cuts every 45° range - very happy place to grip the dart - unlike the masonry grip this is a one way grip allowing obstructions to flow past with minimal interaction from the grip. But it has a rock solid amount of impelling grip letting you put everything into the throw. It has a slightly lower amount of grip compared to the Masonry grip but it is still very high.
Katana Zone - final set of Masonry grip - perfect place for the rear gripper to find a home on the dart. Long consistent high grip zone.   
Rear smooth bit
Has two markings - the Shot "S" and the Kanji for Honesty - Makoto. All laser Etched - very classy.

Centre of Gravity.
Let me tell you this was hard tough do! But with the skill of a ninja I manage to get them to play nice and not rip the cylindrical pencil I used to balance these on. One happy co-incidence is the middle of the barrel happens to be the ultimate centre of mass when you bolt everything onto it. I measured 21.5mm for just the barrel and point on the first band of Gauntlet grip. The ultimate Centre of Gravity is further back on the groove between the 2nd and third bands of Gauntlet grip... All on that mid barrel rearward taper. 
Masonry grip
Clever yet simple grip made from an honest square cut ring grip with circular drill cuts punching the ring to the same depth as the grooves either side, leaving a free standing brick shape of tungsten behind. SHOT then paint the recesses to leave a glassy lacquer black and metallic tungsten pattern. Simple and striking and a remarkable grip level - certainly not a gimmick grip or for pure cosmetic reasons. Form and Function. Grip is very strong though and it does go both ways, so if it strokes over a flight it will shred it up.
How do they throw?
The supplied set up had mine hitting very flat and very hard - The weight and the grip factor had me zinging the dart deep into the board - This may suit players with a lighter flicking throw. If you have a "powerful throw" you may wish to consider a lighter version than usual.
Eagle Claw Stems
Polycarbonate clear indigo/grey colour - look pretty but they came loose a lot in my initial throws. They were perfectly aligned though. Oddly like another set of Polycarbonates the threads sort of "wears in" and it doesn't come loose now... Maybe I didn't twist them in hard enough first time, mustn't hurt the precious... 
Flights - Different design, sort of elemental waves of water fire and steam on the sides and a hexagonal honeycomb style with the Katakana for 'Ronin' at the top. The centre rear portion of the flight is translucent and lets light through. Stylish and subtle. They come pre punched and the steel ring slotted in effortlessly over the tines of the Eagle Claw. The pointy end of the flights are slightly rounded - so maybe a bit trickier to splice onto the tines, but a greatly reduced chance of damaging the tip of a set of flights - small detail but gets a Thumbs Up from me!
Quality - These are the most expensive set of darts I have ever bought - They do look stand out pretty, and I can almost forgive the price when I think just how far they have had to travel. I am not sure exactly how hard it is to do what Shot has done... lets look at one aspect. Each Makoto's has 56 separate circular drill points that make up two sides of each of the 56 bricks - If one of them was misaligned by a few degrees or is placed by a fraction of a millimetre and the whole barrel is ruined like a boiled rabbit. Each set of three has 168 circular drill points and then you have the normal rings grooves... and the gauntlet grip on a rearward taper... There is a lot that could go wrong in making these darts which makes perfection even more astounding.
Value - They are pricey and they are not attached to a famous player - so the cost is purely on the merits of the darts. 90% tungsten is a nice start. The shape is a step up from a bog basic straight barrel. The groove pattern is just delicious. The practical part of me doesn't like the first nose cone grooves as they murder flights like a Ninja with a garrotte wire. But they look so nice. And I can buy more flights. Must feed the precious.
Looks - As soon as I saw this curvy piece of finger licking tungsten goodness I knew I had to get it. And in the flesh they are mesmerising. They are so pretty, so very special, so precious... my precious.
Summary ratings
Looks - 10 Simple yet strong lines, balanced shape and the correct Kanji for Makoto too. 
Grip - 9 - So much grip on the length on the barrel which has shape to it. 
Flight risk? - 7 Those two front vertical surfaces will slice up any set of flights that offend it. A side impact can also "snag" flights and cause significant damage as the edges of the bricks will increase the impact forces.
Weight Match - 0.04g - two were identical one just a Geisha's sigh away.
Quality 10 - As perfect as a Ikebana display.
Value - 6 - Odd shape and a unique groove style machine to a supreme standard and they look flashy too. And they even work as darts!
Car Comparison - Lexus LFA. Expensive Japanese style perfection (From New Zealand)
Suitability for me - Well I stumped up the cash to buy these - so of course they work for me! Looks and quality and ability.  I'd definatly buy these again if I had an "All you need is Kill" moment.
If you like a dart shaped like Dennis Preistly or Aileen de Graaf (Their darts, not the player!) but you require even more grip, then these darts could be perfect. Front biased shape with oodles of grip.
They are not impervious to damage, I have a couple of small chips from barrel to barrel contact. The damage will manifest on the final ring of the Wakizashi zone just prior to the gauntlet grip and the actual back of the barrel itself and the leading edge of the Tanto brick course or the leading edge of the final bit of the nose cone immediatly behind this. You can fix damage to the rear of the dart by making sure you use stems than are flush with them, any exposed lip of tungsten is at risk.
Now one solution could be to fill those grooves on the nose of the dart - Maybe a couple of Rubber O Rings would create a soft bumper that would take most of the impact energy and let the tungsten resist the full force of the impact. The rings are deep enough to accept an O Ring. And as the paintwork is black it won't detract too much from the looks of the dart as you are putting a black piece of rubber over a black area of paint. I'd also highly recomend a Trident cone on the points just to remove the leading edge of the nosecone from doing damage.
These remind me alot of my (now discontinued) Red Dragon Lorraine Winstanley darts - an unstoppable amount of grip but also tied to a ruthlessly violent nose cone which leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. 

(Sorry for the Lord of the Ring's references dotted through this.)
Ryk is equipped with...

Arrows -  23g Showtime Ксения Клочек :: Stems- Core Grip ST Med (Blue) :: Flights - ShowTime 100μm (Colour Burst Red) :: - Winmau Blade 6
Thanks for the review - will have a proper read of it later - in the meantime Have added it to the review index Smile
Nicely done. mint
Nice one Ryk!
Thanks for the review mate!

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Nice one Ryk! Smile
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good Review and a nice looking Dart. Thanks
Thanks Ryk, great job of injecting your own wasabi flavor in the review. Tasty stuff.
Just a quick owners update on these.
I would highly recommend anyone who has these darts to place rubber O rings in the first two grooves on the nose cone.
All of the grooves on the Makoto are very crisp and sharp - but when vertical surface impacts another one sparks will fly.
A Cheap bit of rubber will prevent the majority of barrel chips and damage so you can throw these bad boys (Hmm well at least they are the Honest ones!) - and they will look just as fantastic as the day you bought them.

Of course if you like a bit of battle damage on your darts - feel free to ignore me! But those 'O-rings' will also extend the life of your flights too. They are great looking darts, and just like Da Vinci's Mona Lisa - when you look closely neither of them has any eyebrows! - Maybe Leonardo should have used some O rings too.
Ryk is equipped with...

Arrows -  23g Showtime Ксения Клочек :: Stems- Core Grip ST Med (Blue) :: Flights - ShowTime 100μm (Colour Burst Red) :: - Winmau Blade 6
Excellent and thorough review

They are great looking darts
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