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(11-18-2013, 07:40 PM)Getagrip Wrote: I think ton comes from Cockney slang for £100 but not really sure why its called a ton??
I've heard my distant S. Yorks cousins use it to mean 100 miles per hour. "He were goin' a ton. It were brilliant!"
26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

a ton is known as 100 all over the U.K. but I am not sure where it originates or why the word ton is used.
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Interesting language here Nutz!
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I use a different definition of Splash -

The act of throwing two darts simultaneously - Used to determine random partnerships (Hi with Hi or Hi with Lo etc)
I can't wait to start using some of these terms. I heard a player say to another we're Desmond. I asked him what is that? He said two games apiece.
(11-07-2015, 11:14 PM)unclekurty Wrote: I can't wait to start using some of these terms.  I heard a player say to another we're Desmond.  I asked him what is that?  He said two games apiece.

Yeah Desmond Tutu, I've heard football fans use that one.
Last time I played in the pub I hit D4 going for D18, than D9 for D14 then D5 with my last dart to finish and my opponent said I was lucky  infront ( well I think thats what he said ) LOL
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(11-18-2013, 03:33 PM)SlingBlade Wrote: Thanks for a wealth of information. Being new to many of the terms it's made clear a few things I didn't quite get. Like the "ton". Why does that term refer to 100 when a ton is 2000 lbs?

I believe the origin of the term comes from the slang for reaching a 100 MPH when driving a car or motorbike, it was called 'doing a ton' and from there I reckon it was used by players and scorers for hitting a 100 in darts.

Cheers Smile
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