Molded Flights
Thanx these excellent describings about flights
Great Review!!!  After messing about with all kinds of molded flights, i seem to have the most luck with plain folded flights punched.
Excellent flight review.  I have been contemplating using them as I am trying many options.  After reading this I might not use them on my steels, but maybe my soft tips.
A quick update on my moulded flight usage... I mentioned earlier that after this great review I'd decided to try L Style. Well I've been using them for 6 or 7 months now and am really impressed with them. I use either standard or shape and have tried the dimpled and regular and found that the dimpled ones are a bit flimsier than the normal ones. I've ripped 2 of the dimple ones but have never damaged the normal ones. I used my first set of normal ones for around 3 months and only swapped them because they'd become a bit scuffed (and I'm too impatient to use my new stuff), they are still perfectly usable.

I've used both silent (spinning) and regular stems and have had zero damage to any of them. 

I've also recently tried the Cuesoul MK4 & 7 and these were pretty good although I did manage to get a robin hood on the first day. I find the squeaking of the springs when the darts hit the board mildly annoying too but playing in a bar with a bit of background noise it wouldn't be too noticeable.

The hexagon bit on the stems definitely helps to get them nice and tight, and the springs do seem to work to avoid deflections. 

Next up to try is the fit flight delta, arriving on Saturday, hopefully they will work out well then I'll be set for years lol
Monster Helios 3 22g
Short black L Style carbon silent stems 
Black shape L Style flights 
Gold champagne caps 
Thats awesome Chappers, glad it helped & like to see others try different types
I've got Robson on all of my sets now and we really like them. Hold up very well and fly true
Thought I'd revisit this thread, since I've done something unexpected. 

I've decided I like molded flight systems.  Specifically, I like L Style with cheaper stems.  Nothing wrong with L Style's stems, but reducing sticker shock has been an issue with these systems for me personally.  Well, thanks to Chappers' tip, the One80 Vice works fine.  So I'm buying flights that last for months and months.  Sure they mark up, but there's nothing wrong with them.  And of course, your "bling" options are limited.

Now if I can resist spinners, the world still makes sense - lol.

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