Molded Flights
As everyone is always asking about Molded Flights i thought i'd do a review of the popular ones on how well they wear, all Flights are standard size with intermediate/tweenie shafts other then Condor they dont come in that size, i will be trying Cosmo Fit Flights, Fit Flight Air, L-Style, Condor & Robson " will order some Cuesoul in the future", yes i know about Winmau Stealth & Harrows Clic i've tried them before and think there crap so wont waste my money on those

I decide to go with 750 rounds, 2250 darts in total thrown per set of flights, i'm using the same darts for all testing Target 21gm Vapor8 Green, i'm an average player with moments of glory, anything i say is just my opinion so dont get all mad at what i say, just trying to show the wear of the flights, 

Not getting into prices we all know Molded Flights cost more i will add my results as i finish using them, hope this helps some..

1st up L-Style Standard Flights
[Image: eY0bWkk.jpg]
After 750 rounds
[Image: 2AQPaDZ.jpg]
[Image: iXimENq.jpg]

I can't complain with L-Style's quality, they hold up good with a few dents & some burring, i'm sure i could throw them another 750 rounds no problem, i think there a great value

2nd up Cosmo Fit Flights
[Image: 7cppzNY.jpg]
After 750 rounds
[Image: OXyEsfr.jpg]
[Image: zC2tY0W.jpg]

I really don't have good comments about Fit Flights, 2 of them tore at the bottom 1 flight has 2 tears, really bad deflections from these, for me there just to hard / stiff, they might suit others or possibly soft tip players

3rd Condor Flights
" having trouble with imgur and my old cell at the moment "
After 750 Rounds

[Image: g7W9uhd.jpg]
[Image: pdEPtFU.jpg]

Can't say anything really bad about Condors there are tough as can be, can take a beating, they feel more like rubber then plastic to me, only thing about Condors i dont like & it's not a big thing is the flexible shaft, i find it spreads the flights out which can block your target some, i use a slim dart think if you used a thicker barrel it would spread them out even more, if these came as a stand alone flight i would probably use them, if your OCD'ish these might not be for you as i can see people checking the shaft to see if it stays straight as i found myself doing this lol

4th Robson Plus..
[Image: sPUhGYt.jpg]
After 750 Rounds
[Image: VvJspUi.jpg]
[Image: Yf7e4Oo.jpg]
Another good Flight, these held up really good, a few dents but nothing major, nice thing with Robson you can use them with any nylon shafts not sure if they would work on metal ones, i used these on Harrows Supergrip they never came off, sure they will take alot more abuse, finally yes that is a brush i'm using as a stand lol

5th Cosmo Fit Flight Air
[Image: CDo41z7.jpg]
After 750 Rounds
[Image: Ak0JBYG.jpg]
[Image: IUXJMWZ.jpg]

So i was really surprised by the Air Fit Flights, i thought they would tear faster then the regular Fit Flights, i used Air's years ago and they would tear at the bottom all the time so i stopped using them, but these help up surprisingly good with just some nicks in them no tears, maybe they've been improved over the year, actually has me thinkng of getting a few more sets to try, only bad thing with them is they warp a bit but that doesn't bother me but might others

 Cuesoul AK 5

[Image: gnmdXt9.jpg]

After 750 Rounds
[Image: 7HQ3Snj.jpg]

[Image: rCefOPP.jpg]

 Cuesouls AK 5 are a Flight Shaft combo but unlike Condors they are stiff shaft & flight, i tried to use all standard size flights but these are closer to shape size tho they are marked as standard, these were 1st set i honestly thought weren't gonna last the test, they got maked up within 5 throws, in the end they held up quite well, i really liked how they worked for me, if you are someone who doesn't like damaged looking flights these aren't for you, as mentioned they do mark up quick but no tears, i'm on the fence if i will get more maybe at a later date, these are pretty solid flight but you can only get them off Ebay or Cuesouls website that i know of

Cosmo Delta Flights

Back for a quick review, i would like to thank Brian & Cosmo Darts for the Flights, did a quick test with these like i did with all my other ones 750 rounds, I used my Target Vapor as i did for all other reviews, took me a while to get use to the again, i like the Flights they dont work for me on all darts think i need to purchase some different length shafts, they hold up really good which i was surprised, i would like if there was an Air version just to see, they are really tough which can lead to hard deflections & i robin hooded 2 of the flights
[Image: e0XnwAW.jpg]
[Image: ckLhJ5J.jpg]
[Image: 1fPaG5X.jpg]

8 Flight System
[Image: CAsf4rz.jpg]
After 750 Rounds
[Image: 7i4G9SE.jpg]
[Image: 7MDdIYK.jpg]
I'll be honest right from the start, I hate this system, i usually use my Target Vapor 8 Green for all these reviews but my darts layed tail down, i went through a bunch of darts to find something that finally worked, my Monster Cobra 2 finally flew good enough to get through the 750 rounds i do, i did get the spinner shafts but i find them terrible, the flights rattles/wobbles all the time the flight spins even on draw back, before your say there spinners there suppose to spin, i've never had a set do it on drawback, the wear on them isn't great either 2 are tearing

Only good things i can say is the shafts are strong, i think if you throw front loaded darts these will help if you want your darts to lay flatter, they weigh almost half a gram more then most flight/shafts

Bonus Shot
[Image: KLwoGqJ.jpg]

Done for now

This is the end of my test for now, if more systems come out i may try them, i also might do some different shapes in the future as i have some in L-style & Cosmo, but for now i have some darts i need to try lol, i hope this gives people an insight to molded flights, these are just my opinions on them everyone will have different results, if your intersted in any give them a try & see for yourself
That's interesting. I hope we get more pictures :-) I've been using Robson fantails for a few months and overall they're good. I managed to tear two flights within an hour or so, however other flights are still in a good condition.
Thanks for the review Crusher. Good job and good comparison photos on the two types used. I will stick with my L-style Flights. Thanks again.
[Image: ARJSu2G.jpg]
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Good review! But i think it shows that i still can be happy with the usual flights i´m using. I have too many of those anyway...
Nice thread. Surprised by the Cosmo's. Terrible. I've only had experience with spinning kites and have had good durability with that setup, but they are hit and miss. Look forward to the rest of the thread.
Good review and thanks for it. Very enlightening pix of those Cosmo flights. I may be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time), but when I see those high-end one-piece molded poly flights, it makes me think of those cheap one-piece poly shaft/flight pieces that you see in the house brass darts sticking in the soft tip machine at the local bar.
Nice one Crusher!  Have to admit I've been curious about these, and have read all the reviews.  But 2 things always put me off - price - and storage.  Look forward to the next instalment.
Great review !
I looked toward moulded flights but couldn't make up my mind. Finished up using Robson Standards. I like their durability, longevity. I like them because of their "bang for buck" value. What I dont appreciate is the deflections I get in some close groupings. I'm fascinated to see the "big picture" and where this goes.

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Wow nice!

I’m literally working on doing a Flight System review too!!!
- L-Style Champagne Flights (normal and signature is approximately the same material)
- L-Style Champagne Flights (Soft Version)
- Cosmo Fit Flight (standards)
- Cosmo Fit Flight Air (well... Air version lol)
- Condor Zero Stress (Standard Type)

I have tossed out Winmau Stealths... hated them
Harrows Clic’s... I actually don’t mind them too much. I actually like the Flight Material (not so much the system/shafts)

Cuesoul New Product... we’ll see lol

And I’ll be comparing them to standard foldable Flights as the standard. (100 micron)

Also... i’m not gonna do that many Rounds/Throws.
Gonna be doing 25 games and 25 rounds full games of cricket (1875 throws)

Will be based on a typical barrel as well (probably used the Ando Phase 3’s would be a good medium for flight wear)

But keep up the great work!

I’m glad someone else is taking the time in doing a flight review Big Grin

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The regular cosmo’s are terrible in my opinion, way too rigid which causes reflections and they get chewed up fast... I’ve always liked L-Style and had decent results with them.

For me, the only way to use Cosmo is the air’s with spinning shafts to save the flights or else both the regular and air get beat up fast.
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Great test, look forward to all the results Smile
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I like the clic system the only problem is when you get a unlucky robin hood that hits the base of the flight, I am not sure but maybe the clear ones are weaker as my black ones have taken a few hits but not torn as bad
[Image: k8TXSgi.jpg]
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ps it is still useable just pops off quite easily
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" Updated "
But what are the base barrels the tests are based on?

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