Rodney is stepping down as a Mod
Sadly, Rodney is stepping down as a Mod.  He will be greatly missed in my opinion.  I know he wouldn’t have done so lightly and would have had sufficient reasons to do so. 

On a personal note as a Nutz and as a mod I’m gutted.  

Rodney is top end both as a person and as a Darting fool of a Nutz.  I plan on enjoying those aspects of his presence as often as possible.

As a Mod Rodney is/was a stand out and a stand up guy.  He will be sorely missed.  His banter (subtle understated and quite witty)  when working behind the scenes helped make the tasks go ever so much more easily down the road to completion.  His steadiness on course with those tasks got the job done.  

This thread is to let him know how you feel about his tenure as a mod and his continued presence as a Nutz!!!! He is totallly and completely Nutz!!!! And I call him friend for it and the kindness and generosity of spirit this fool Nutz we call Rodney has.

As you continue down your path Rodderrzzz- all I can say is “Kick ‘em!!!!!!!! You Rock!!!!! Rodderrzzz”
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It's always sad when a member of the mod team steps down, and no less so with Rodderz - he was an integral part of the team, and to say he will be missed behind the scenes is an understatement to say the least.

Speaking as a member of the forum without my mod hat on - big thanks Rodderz for all that you have done to help make this forum what it is today - one of the best forums on the www, and I'm not talking just darts forums. Hopefully you will still be around as often as you can, but good luck to you whatever the future holds for you.
I haven't modded all that long but Rodney you were always game on in my book.
I also looked forward to reading your posts and will still see them from time to time I'm hoping.
Shame you're stepping down Dave, you've been a mod ever since I signed up. Mod or no mod hope we will still see you around a lot though!
sad to see.brought some gurney darts off of him couldn't have asked for a more friendly bloke. thanks for all you put in and the premier league comp loved it
Thank you for all your efforts Dave, whatever the reason for you stepping down I wish you the best of luck moving forward and hope you won’t be a stranger
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Sorry to see Dave leave, a great mod that will be sorely missed. Hope you still get chance to pop in, good luck! Smile
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Rodney's contributions to the forum will live on, many behind the scenes.  As a new mod, I find the scope of his work a little intimidating, but a goal to strive for.  Rodney, you will be missed, and I wish you well in whatever the future holds.  Please drop by from time to time and say hello.  Good luck!
Luck to you Rodney as you venture on....thanks for your help.
Thanks everyone for the kind words. I’m nothing special though lol The mod on the forum are awesome and work their socks off and deserve all the praise not me
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Thanks for all the work mate, hope we hear from u in the future!

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Just wanted to convey my belated thanks!
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