Cuesoul Integrated Shaft & Flight
[Image: vys8kj0.jpg]

A new product on the market.
Well, probably not new in terms of never seen before, but new in terms of not available otherwise right now. At least not in this combination.

Cuesoul has released this one piece shaft & flight system a bit ago, but I have not heard a lot about it. Okay, I heard nothing about it. As a big Nutz I obviously had to try it.

There is the Condor Zero Stress system right now on the market, it is similar, but there is one big difference. Condor Zero Stress pieces are flexible, they are made out of a special kind of plastic, that is very flexible.

The Cuesoul system is not flexible. You can move it a few millimeters, but it is obvious that it is not made to be bent. So it is probably best to be compared to the Cosmo Fit Flight, with the one big difference, it is a one piece thing. So basically you take two standard Cosmo Fit flight pieces mould them together and the result is the Cuesoul system. At least that is my opinion.
Of course, it not identical, but it has a bit of a similar feel in the end.

As far as I know right now, the Cuesoul system is only avaialble in one size and flight shape. It is not completely a tweenie stem, but it is the closest and the flight is a little bit bigger than a normal small Standard flight.

But a small standard flight with a tweenie stem comes very close.

Cuesoul system: 74.77mm long (incl. thread) x 33.10mm wide
Small Standard & tweenie stem: 73.47mm long (incl. thread) x 32.49mm wide

Weight comparison. I used a 100 Micron flight on the classic setup and the same shape and stem length as just stated.

Cuesoul system: 1.29g
Classic combination: 1.74g

So the Cuesoul system is a little bit longer and wider and the flight is more stable, it is still a lot lighter. Around 25% lighter.
Most of the weight is probably saved due to the size of the stem. The stem on the Cuesoul system is 4.72mm wide at the end before it gets wider towards the thread and for the transition of the barrel.
A normal stem is 5.69mm wide at the biggest point and does not have a step in it, so the comparison is not completely correct, as I measured at different points, but the stems are simply a different design, but you can see it in the pictures. The Cuesouls stem is notably slimmer.

[Image: a3grvUn.jpg]

If you want to know more lengths I tooks the lengths, that Cuesoul stated and measured them and they are correct.

Stem length from edge of the screw to the beginning of the flight: 28mm
Total length excluding screw: 69mm

The quality of the Cuesoul system seems fine. They feel stable and solid, without giving a feel like they would break on the first bounce out or something. Just seems like good quality.
Had also no problems screwing them in my darts, which sometimes can be a trouble with some stems, but no problems at all. Due to the material I don't think they will start to get loose while throwing and I didn't had any problems of them coming loose so far.

So the quality seems top class to me, which it has to be, considering the price.
One set currently retails for £5.99 at the Cuesoul website, which is the only place I found them so far.
The price is similar to the Condor Zero Stress system. 

It is a difficult question to determine if they are worth that much money and a question I can't answer so far. It all depends on the durability and so I need to use them a lot longer to see that. If they hold up well and long enough I see no problem about the price.

A negative at the moment is, that they are only available in one size. Flights and stems are a thing, that you need to try in different lengths and flight shapes and so far the Cuesoul system is not suited to do that.

But considering that the quality is very good and they feel nice, I can recommend them right now in terms of quality. I will update this post, when I can say more about the durability.

You can buy them from the Cuesoul shop, but remember the items are shipped from China!
And they are available in different colours and with different flight designs.

[Image: Fz45UUB.jpg]

[Image: bodHmdy.jpg]
[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
I seen these posted the other week by Cuesoul and they look good, a lot of systems out there now but I guess it does not hurt to have more to choose from, its a pity they often cost so much though.
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Thanks for the wee review/pics and write up Seb. mint

Will be a good one for those who use Condor's and find them too springy.
Thanks again vanJupp for the review and comparison photos.
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Curious too see if they last as long like the Condors, think part of the Condors lasting longer is the flexible shaft, hope to see some updated pics after good use with them
Noticed them a while ago. Might give them a go to see how well they hold up. First impressions from your post are good though.
History repeating itself Rolleyes .... these are just like the old fairground / pub darts of the 60's but I expect the "Plastic" nowadays is of a much higher grade and maintains its shape Big Grin 

Son of Merlin

Caerleon - Wales

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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

(06-20-2018, 03:04 AM)Dorian Wrote: History repeating itself Rolleyes .... these are just like the old fairground / pub darts of the 60's but I expect the "Plastic" nowadays is of a much higher grade and maintains its shape Big Grin 


Indeed, plastic has come along way we can even print our own ... will be interesting to see how these test out... as i liked the idea of the integrated system ... usually either plastic is too stiff for the flight or too floppy for the shaft.... these days you can mix the plastic hardness so you should be able to run a harder plastic for the shaft area and a softer one. Good to see a little company trying things out ... I will give them a try for my soft tips.
Ha Ha Yea expensive plastic bar darts. Now they were darn cheap were they not?!
Have used this set for two or three weeks as setup on my matchdarts. Darts are the XQMax van der Voort's Phase 2. So not a set with brutal grip, but those wide rings at the rear will chew any flight.

The wear in my eyes is okay. Whatever flights you use that are of medium thickness, they will wear from the top down. Too avoid this they either have to be thin and flexible like Cosmo Air's or have to be thick like Winmau Stealth's.

I have not played a huge amount in the last three weeks, but enough for a little feedback. Still like them a lot. Price is good, quality is good and wear is okay.

[Image: nKPCiS7.jpg]

[Image: t21Qg4x.jpg]
[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Nice wee update Seb. mint

At least it appears you're grouping the odd one. Tongue
I think it is something worth trying. They are similar to the condor ones, but less bendy. Sadly nothing for me because there longest ones are to short for my taste. But if you use short or midi stems, they might be for you.
Awesome combo of colours
Thanks for the review def gonna try these out?

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