What's the last film you watched?
I’m binge watching season one of “Bodyguard “ on Netflix.
Great show !

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"Bad Education" on Sunday night BUT "Hostiles" when I was left home alone on Saturday when my wife & kids were out & I thought that was a pretty good film!
Home alone 2 with the kids..... it’s Christmas
Fast and the furious tokyo drift is one of my all time favourites!
Ash vs. the Evil Dead.

Oddly my current avatar picture is from the Canadian/NewZealand film "Turbo Kid" which has a character called Apple (That's the kooky girl in the picture) who wields a "Gnome-stick" - an obvious homage to the EvilDead when Ash taunts a Medieval crowd with his "Boom-stick" (Sawn off double barrelled coach gun)...
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We watched Bohemian Rhapsody and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Evil Dead (2012)

Not too bad actually - I'm more a fan of old school horror but this makes a decent job of updating the original 80s version.
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was pretty good horror film. not based on jumpscares, its very well made movie and its very odd. i didnt get everything and was like wtf was this supposed to be at the end, but i enjoyed it and got a few chills from spooky scenes.

my personal favorite movies are Conjuring 1&2 from horror and Seven from thrillers. those are 5/5 and this is 3.8/5 for me.
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oh yeah.. and the last film i saw in the movies was A star is born (bradley cooper and lady gaga) and its very very very good movie!! also saw the queen movie before this one. ill give BoRap 4/5 and A star is born 5
Best leg 501: 12 darts (180,180,29,112) 
Highest checkout: 164 (T19, T19, Bull)
Darts: Shot! 9ti2 24g & Harrows Elite 24g
Batman vs Superman, really enjoyed it. Now I will have to watch the other DC universe films, lol.

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