What's the last film you watched?
Black Panther. Okay flick.
Watched a double Zombie feature, Train to Busan and the prequel Seoul Station. Enjoyed both, especially Train to Busan which I think is one of the best zombie films I have seen.
Sicario: Day of the Soldado last night
The Mummy Returns
Bradelunner 2049. (Again) -
"Cells interlinked within cells interlinked. Within one stem. And dreadfully distinct, Against the dark, a tall white fountain played."
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We just saw "Old man with a gun". MEH not so good. Claimed to be Robert Redford's last movie and with that I say farewell and spend your money wisely.
Star is born with Bradley cooper and lady ga ga.....with the Mrs.. believe the hype it is that good
Darts Mavericks
Not a movie per say but, started watching The Sopranos series again.

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War Horse (2011) directed by Spielberg. Visually one of the best looking films I've seen, a great story very well told.

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