What's the last film you watched?
Couldn't find a thread about films so decided to start one.

I am a big fan of films and watch them whenever I have the spare time.

The last film I watched was 'The lost city of Z'. It is based on the life of adventurer Percy Fawcett who spent most of his life looking for a lost city in the Amazon. 
The film is beautifully shot and has good performances. I really enjoyed it a lot and I rank it among the best films I've seen this decade so far.
Outlaw Josey Wells - I watch that at least once a year.
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The last movie I went to see at the local cinema was "Hacksaw Ridge" that came out in 2016. I may go to the movies once a year or so, but as a youth, I really like going to the cinema and would go at least once a month or so, but things were so much different then when it comes to pricing.

That last movie the wife and I saw cost us damn near $50 between 2 tickets, 2 boxes of popcorn and a couple sodas-----which is ridiculous.
(06-18-2018, 05:38 PM)*Saber* Wrote: Outlaw Josey Wells - I watch that at least once a year.

Is he related to Josey Wales?????       Tongue

Love me a good Clint Eastwood movie and almost every time "Unforgiven" comes on TV I will watch it.
Watched debbie in some Texas city opps wait that wasn't it... it was Red Sparrow last night
I've got loads of dvd's and blurays but don't seem to watch them much - I tend to just turn the tv on to one of the comedy channels like UK Gold or E4. This morning though I decided to watch Guardians of the Galaxy again - great film, and love Groot lol
Not been to the Cinema since... the final Lord of the Rings film... The advent of mobile phones really put a spotlight on how selfish and short attention span you humans have become.

Last proper film.

Interview with the Vampire.
Nice visuals but the main characters are overly depressed and miserable. Maybe it is just the quality of these two actors in Vampire films and Tommy Cruise, Bradley Pitt are pretty poor. They are no Gary Oldman for sure.
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Role models.
Such a funny film. With a brilliant Kiss-centric soundtrack. The comic chemistry between Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott is tremendous also.

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Watched Rocky II on TV Saturday night - still 10/10, even after seeing it 5 or 6 times over the years.
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Tonight an oldie but goodie "Officer and a Gentleman"
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