8 year old Japanese girl drumming to Led Zep - wow
An eight-year-old Japanese drummer's astounding performance of Led Zeppelin's 'Good Times Bad Times' has gone viral.

Child prodigy Yoyoka Soma has been playing drums since she was two and performing concerts since four, and lists late Led Zeppelin legend John Bonham as among her biggest musical influences.  

Recently she entered Japan’s 2018 Hit Like a Girl drum contest and surprisingly didn’t win, however video footage of her impeccable performance of ‘Good Times Bad Times’ is going viral for pretty clear reasons.

With her laid-back approach, Yoyoka absolutely nails her cover and shows flawless control as she launches into Bonzo’s legendary grooves with gusto and a smile entrenched across her face.

Watch the performance here:

Yoyoka says: “As a drummer, I enjoy being groove, tones and try to support vocalists carefully. My dream is to be the best drummer in the world.

“In addition, I want to be an artist who can do anything: playing all instruments, recording music, mixing the sound and designing the CD album jackets.

“As I am aiming at overseas activities, I am studying English conversation. I want to become friends with people all over the world through my musical activities!”

Yoyoka currently plays with her family band called Kaneaiyoyoka, which her parents formed. They’ve released two self-produced albums so far.

Incredibly, not just an excellent drummer, Yoyoka is also a proficient keyboardist too.


Blimey she's a bit good, especially for an 8 year old!!!  The above copied from the Planet Rock site - https://www.planetrock.com/news/rock-new...bad-times/
Wow good young drummer
Impressive, especially having developed such a good feel at her age. Cool
Especially impressed with her work on the kick drum, usually a challenge for youth.  Managing it quite brilliantly with her toe extended on the pedal.  Great find Mike  Cool
Very talented, brilliant
She's rockin out man.
[Image: 2e2gdae.jpg]
Brilliant!!! And just 8!!!!
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Love the giggle at the end . Big Grin
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Good watching that, made me smile too.
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