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(09-13-2018, 11:49 AM)codo180 Wrote: I already ordered one when they had more stock, I'm pretty big so I went 3XL, was thinking they might be loose like hockey jerseys for some reason but that should work out. I like the old one better than the new one. His even older Unicorn shirt can be had on Unicorns site as well, I really want to make an order from them but the shipping...

I'm sure an XL will be fine for me.

They are being completely discounted and I think £18 is a hell of a deal for them so get them while you can Nutz.
[Image: 33600209483_5693b42d44_c.jpg]
RedDragon has added a coule of sets to their Clearance Section to make way for the new 2019 ranges.

A few nice sets in there. Have a look.
[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Massive savings here:
(09-21-2018, 01:16 AM)Nucky Wrote: Massive savings here:


I can save 1.10 £?
[Image: aviary-image-1546527737695-02.jpg]
A little sarcasm from Nucky   Rolleyes
12g Stephen Bunting Gen1 on Amazon US currently at $18.50 with Prime.
(09-21-2018, 05:50 PM)LPPK Wrote: 12g Stephen Bunting Gen1 on Amazon US currently at $18.50 with Prime.

Wow great deal!

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(09-21-2018, 01:32 PM)nixer55 Wrote: A little sarcasm from Nucky   Rolleyes

Made you look  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Yea that price on the Buntings in 18g is darn good.
Cuesoul Black Scorpions (22g Blue) for $39 w/ free shipping

They keep going up to $70 and slowly back down over the past couple of weeks. I bought some today.
Matchdarts- 23.3g Ks99dime Madhouse Falcon Customs, 41mm diamond points, tweenie supergrip stems, Harrows Velos flights.
Backups- 23g Shot! Birds of Prey Falcon
25g Harrows Aura a3
24g Target Power 8Zero
23g Ks99dime Madhouse Customs
23g Adrian Lewis Pixel Grip
23g Target Daytona Fire 02
23g Dennis Priestley's
22g Cuesoul Black Scorpions
22g winmau snipers
21g Ks99dime Custom
21g Harrows Wolframs
21g Harrows Atomics
20g Monster Hades 2

Dartscorner has but the Bull's Termote lightning system on sale.

Now £84.00 instead of £99.95.

No big saving, but a nice little difference.

[Image: TdGfkPg.png]

With red surround.
With blue surround.
With black surround.
[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Dartscorner put their Designa Fuse range of soft tips on sale.

Prices are now £15.60 or £18.00, depending what the sets sold for before.

Some nice designs for little money.
[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Just seen this on facebook from in New Zealand - free worldwide shipping (exc large items) as well

[Image: n0EHDfH.jpg]
24g Target Carrera Turbo on Amazon US for $41. Hard to beat that. I picked one up for myself, 7 more available at the moment.
Argos money off the blade 5s (£25, £40 with a surround, dual core £38) - Thanks to Carpy for the heads up on the Argos specific thread.

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