Deals for Darts & Other Gear
23g Target Carrera C18 for $40 on Amazon US:
Deals at Argos

Can't take advantage of the prices at Argos myself, but thought it is a worthy reminder for all you guys in the UK.

Unicorn Gary Anderson 23g

Price: £39.99

Normal Price: £46.95

Link to article: Click me

[Image: igpB7Yp.jpg]

Winmau Andy Fordham 23g

Price: £18.99

Normal Price: £34.99

Link to article: Click me

[Image: Y7OGAgW.jpg]

Winmau Navigator 3 - 23g

Price: £10.99

No normal price, as they are only available at Argos, but price is so great,they should be mentioned as a deal.

Link to article: Click me

[Image: mIlqtzZ.jpg]

XQMax Michael van Gerwen - 23g

Price: £23.99

Normal Price: £39.95

Link to article: Click me

[Image: 2aqzij8.jpg]

XQMax Michael van Gerwen - Career Slam Version - 23g

Price: £39.99

Normal Price: £60.00

Link to article: Click me

[Image: mylMe2k.jpg]
[Image: hcOQ4qb.png]
This eBayer lists a set of 22g Winmau Wild Roses every three days starting at £6.50 plus £1.50 P+P and has been doing so for quite a long time now.  You generally only get one bidder so you can pick them up for £8.00 delivered as opposed to £20+ elsewhere.

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]
[Image: 39952462010_db5ca0a1d0_b.jpg]

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Great thread, thanks for starting and keeping it updated!

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(06-18-2018, 04:12 PM)vanJupp Wrote:
Deals at Argos

Really is too bad they don't deliver outside of the UK...
Winmau Blade 5, 44€ delivered

Or at least the free delivery works to Finland.
Here's what I found here in the US...  I am comparing these prices to those of the same (or closest, if not available) model at Darts Corner. While some of these may not be that much of a big difference, a lot of them come with free shipping which can definitely save a few dollars. Hope this helps ease the pain on your wallets.  Big Grin

Target Distinction Capricorn Pixel 22g - $29.82 and free shipping (compare to $73.63)

Target RVB9Zero 22g - $43.13 and free shipping (compare to $55.77)

Target Tony O'Shea 22g - $31.91 and free shipping (compare to $36.79)

Target Tony O'Shea Gen 2 22g - $24.93 (compare to $36.79)

Target Wayne Mardle 24g - $59.79 and free shipping (compare to $64.70)

Target Keith Deller 21g - $35.96 and free shipping (compare to $36.79)

Target Carrera Azzurri Cortex CX3 21g - $53.58 and free shipping (compare to $83.68)

Target Carrera Azzurri Cortex CX3 23g - $55.87 and free shipping (compare to $83.68)

Target Carrera Azzurri Volare Soft Tip 17g - $73.11 and free shipping (compare to $78.09)

Target Perfect Storm 22g Natural - $46.33 and free shipping (compare to $55.77 - similar style but in black titanium 25g model)
Note: also check out these 22g Perfect Storm straight barrels ($48.33 and free shipping)

One80 Sword Edge Claymore 26g w/Solibox - $36.69 and free shipping (compare to $53.59 - note that listed is the 28g model, not 26g)

One80 Chameleon Coral 24g w/Solibox - $44.99 and free shipping (compare to $53.59)

One80 Chameleon Jade 22g w/Solibox - $44.99 and free shipping (compare to $53.59)

One80 Bavaria SG 24g w/Solibox - $36.99 and free shipping (compare to $44.60)

Target Carrera C12 22g - $46.49 (compare to $72.52)

Edit - DartsCorner Clearance
Target Precision Silica Apollo 18g soft tip - $26.79 (normally listed for $53.59)

Target Colin Lloyd Black 16g soft tip - $26.79 (normally listed for $53.59)

Target Tony O'Shea Black 16g soft tip - $26.79 (normally listed for $53.59)

Unicorn Golden Hero soft tip (various models) - $16.75 (normally listed for $44.60)

Unicorn Golden Maestro Colin Lloyd 18g soft tip  - $16.75 (normally listed for $39.03)

Also, if anybody is interested in the Adrian Lewis Silica darts that are no longer carried, Amazon has a set ($78.99 and free shipping).

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Big thanks and +1 to kdguitar61 for posting the Destinction Capricorn Pixel link. After ordering they went up to $44,37. Got them incl. shipping, tax and customs for 36,23€ ($29,82 +). A real steal! Now they are about 52€ to germany...
Gary Anderson Phase3 DNA, usually about £55, at the moment for £41 at P erfect Darts.
(Don't think a link would work, because of the forum software -> chunky cheese)

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