New guy, here to learn and (hopefully) improve

Shane from the US, and I'm horrible at darts.  Or so I'm discovering.

I've just recently picked up darts as a hobby, thus far it was something I'd only do on rare occasions if I'd happen across a board at a bar or someone's home.

However, on a recent work trip to Europe, a friend and I found ourselves frequenting an Irish pub in the German town we were in (go figure) and to give our beer drinking purpose we threw darts on the lone board available.  The pub darts were atrocious, down to mismatched flights and shafts, but we had fun.

When the trip transitioned from work to leisure, we found ourselves in London enroute to Scotland and I had the bright idea to seek out a dart shop since the UK is a mecca for the sport, right?  An hour-long (and 70 pound) Uber later (took the Tube on the return trip, 5 pounds was much more palatable) we found ourselves at Darts GB and spent some time hanging out and buying darts that seemed to work well (from the short amount of time spent trying them out) but, more importantly, looked really cool.

We spent just about every evening while in Scotland throwing in pubs, where my buddy proceeded to pretty much destroy me game after game.  I've since returned home and put up a board to practice, with the goal of improving my performance.  I also found several sets of darts that I owned previously and have also purchased a few more a a local shop.  I am trying different weights, barrel configurations, and shaft/flight setups to see what works best for me.  

Unfortunately, new darts - no matter how cool looking - don't seem to be a magical cure for my inconsistent shooting and poor game.  Hence, my appearance here.  I look forward to seeing what I can learn from you all and hope to become a better darter.

Hi Shane and welcome aboard - you should be able to find loads of info and routines on here to help your game along.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forum Shane, lot's of good tips and advice to be found here  Smile
Hello Shane and welcome to the forum, I have been playing years and I am still horrible at darts so your in good company Smile
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Welcome to the forum and may the darts be with you
Welcome to Darts Nutz Shane. Thanks for joining and enjoy the forum.
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Welcome....enjoy the game
Welcome to the Nutz....focused practice, and when you’ve done that, more focused practice.
The fact that you are a closet “Dart Tart” (as am I - almost 30 sets and counting) is merely a side effect of “Darting Fever”, which you’ve appeared to have contracted on your trip across the pond....   Tongue ...the cure is....focused practice... Angel   Lol
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