Why change dart points?
I would like to change points for Peter Wright PL 2015 Blue darts. Which points you prefer Red Dragon or what? I have black normal points, brand is unknown. My black points little bit thinner than normal black points. Maybe some throws with Storm could be excited
I prefer longer points, seem to throw better when using 38 - 45mm points, Most darts comes with 32mm.
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Thank you.
 Do you know the  stock length of Gary ando phase 3 unicorn points? I assumed 38Mm

But now with your post I’m thinking 35mm....

And to think I have a cart full of 38s.....

Need a Good party pack to order , getting that itch
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I fit storm points to many of my Darts. When I buy a new one, immediately change the point.
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This most probs is true ^ though personally i normally play with points they come with in darts

but all to their own , i have once had a set of dart points taken out from a new set of cheap brass darts i had
and had them put into a set of tungsten darts and done well with them .. but one way around this I found which makes flights last well

them cones which are cheap plastic cones end of your points which slide up against very top against barrel and point of darts and ive found flights last so much longer and doesnt interfere with my game at all ..2 things I found good and only are small things of note
in modern technology is little things like them cones and a flight punch is good .

Both have been a good buy for me, just wish they had such out yrs ago Smile
After this post about storm points I had one snap in a practice throw before a tournament final safe to say I don’t like them as much now but I still have them in a few sets. Won the final still though lol
I usually fit 40mm black points to my darts, the standard 32mm points are just too short as the barrels usually go into the board.

The longer points also leave more room in the treble bed.
I guess its all trial and error in all things darts ..be it flights ..stems..barrels preferred < grippy barrel.non grippy or slim or fat.. plus how many grams in weight etc we can go on all day and week.. but end of day as said its trial and error until u find the barrel , flight and stem for you ..Ive changed much over the yrs of playing ..and used to play with a 19g dart then 20 g , 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and most a 27g dart from way back ..

I eventually hit my best games with a 20g dart with pear shape flights and medium nylon stems say 14 yrs ago ..but last say 2 yrs settled with a 24g dart and is a slight difference i made say in weight in recent say yrs ..as kept with a slim barrel for me and medium length nylon stem ..with now back to the standard 100 micron thick flights last year or so .. and still hitting very good darts at times and other times not so well ..we play 501 double inn and double out and its all good with also some county players also playing
I actually just play for now for fun and not for any team/s .. although was asked several times ..but shall do when time I feel is right
and be sometime soon I reckon with winter approaching .. As said with darts we can go on and on for many yrs trying different barrels and stems flights etc etc ..Ive playd with heavyish darts at 27g and playd much more often with light darts 19g etc

I ended up in a way staying with a slim barrel for me ..and just slight longer barrel along with medium stems i prefer
and standard flights ..but a grippier barrel last yr or so they are to ones I used to play with fw yrs ago and my good games have been
very good and not good games not good but that's darts I reckon and whatever happens in darts always just Enjoy I say win or lose .
Some darts come with those shiny, almost chrome looking points and in my opinion, they are some of the worst there are. They are far too slick and don't really stick well in the board. You can scuff them up and it helps, but there are better options out there.

I prefer the black points, standard length like comes with the darts. Most of the time I've changed points was because my points were simply worn down too much from use and scuffing.

I did change out a couple sets for longer than normal black points and they worked well on one set but didn't on the other, so I used my grinder to cut them down to standard size like came with the darts and kept one set with longer than normal points.

I got a new set of Target Daytona Fire 26 gram darts and they come with those grippy type points and so far they are holding well and not tearing up my board like I've seen some of those type points do, especially on the PDC tour where new boards look worn out, particularly in the 20 bed after one match.
So...may all be in my head,
I find changIng the length of my points has resulted in issues....I don’t know how but longer points on my front loaded barrels causes fish tailing + landing at different angles.
To compensate I must adjust the force which I throw .

I found A excellent set , and decided to put a new set of points, hardly any longer than stock....yet trajectory is all bonkers now....I was able to get used to them...but I had to alter my throw......soooooo I put the stock back in, never the same now lol...

I’m really not a big fan of re pointing yet, i only bought 32mm points to replace stock ones .one mission gold, some laser cut ones and Aztec ones . One 34-35mm Shot set I can remember .

However it is nice to have the tool now for future replacement of any worn out or broken points
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I'd never thought about longer points leaving a bit more room in the bed. That's a good plus.
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But does it really leave more room? 

I mean maybe if you hit left or right of treble on avangle, it would open up.otherwise you still have to get past the flight and barrel x2.

I suppose you are right .....with the barrel nose further away from board , it does open up a bit of space...

I cannot get past the balancing issue and the fact the point will hit board quicker with your regular throw than a smaller point.
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Yes, 100%
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I highly doubt any one can tell the difference of .13 of a gram going from a 32mm point to a 40mm, plus doubt it will throw a dart off, i've never noticed it changing stock points, getting to the board quicker would be milli seconds because of the point being longer doesn't mean  it goes faster, you have a bunch of darts with all different stock points you can't tell as i'd bet 99.99% wouldn't
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It sure does, it's always amazed me looking back at old videos of John Lowe, Jocky, Bristow and especially Whitcombe hitting 180's with thicker barrels which touch the board and fill the treble, especially when you see how thick the wires were on the board. 

Using longer point you could potentially get three darts within the space of a thin barrel with short points, it's no wonder the pro's averages keep getting higher with ever thinning wires and longer points.

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