A few modifications..
Just a few of the modifications we've done in the last week..

Bristow's to Wolfram nose

[Image: 34624255_2062795607306430_33881348160199...e=5BB6260F]

Peter Wright 24g - 2BA Conversion and Length Reduction, Weight Loss 3.5g

[Image: 34726116_2063843017201689_88364407051958...e=5BBFF8A6]

Paul Nicholson Hex Grip - Regrooved, Weight Loss 0.8g

[Image: 35051065_2065591510360173_34782775595635...e=5B7E107F]
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Great job!! Cool
[Image: DPwTt6q.png]
more top quality work - i especially like the Nicholsons
The Nicholsons look sensational !

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Very nice mods.
How much for the longitudinal grooves as a modification? Also +£20 (like at custom darts), so £34,99 all in all?
How many grooves are there in the nichos? 4, 6 or 8?
I like that Bristow mod!
Great modifications there.
[Image: i6coee.jpg]
Always a treat to see what you can do to a set of darts  Smile
First class mod’s as always. Very interesting to see the direction people take to get their own style of dart
[Image: GEpKdcf.png] 
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Loving these new pics Smile
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