We need the Bdo to survive!
Trouble is, TV companies want to put on the elite. Therefore the PDC will thrive. The BDO needs revenue but the big TV broadcast boys aren't going to put money into it. It's same in football. TV want premier league and champions league. They don't want 3rd division or non league football.
We need to keep the grass roots of the game alive. I don’t know what the answer to that would be but something needs to happen soon.
I would be truly saddened if the BDO didn’t survive.
In order for them to do so requires a lot of changes in how its run ,marketed ,and sponsored .
I hope something positive happens soon.

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The idea that the BDO runs County brilliantly is strange to me, I look at it as a tired old system that the BDO has taken for granted for years,and many layers have given up due to the cost wasn't worth it for 4-7 legs.

The truth is that the BDO is a mix of volunteers locally that run Super League, County and some large opens. They also try to run a professional circuit and this has been woefully run for many years.

The fact the PDC didn't run a developmental tour until recently fails to understand the history, that the PDC was never a sure thing, struggled for money for years so focussed on their main objective, the Pro players. They could have worked with the BDO but there were to main bitter spiteful people there and that ship has sailed. The PDC now has stated to expand there development tours and it will continue I'm sure. The difference is one organisation is run by professionals.
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In this form, hard to see the future of the BDO. Too many problems to list all of them.

I think the BDO product is just simply not marketable anymore. People don't watch or attend the big events, TV companies don't want to show it. Running the grassroots such as the county system and the opens work all right and they still get loads of entries. However, the tour can only be maintained, if there are incentives for the players to play for. So the big tournaments are needed to keep the tour together, but they are just losing money left right and centre.
I also prefer BDO darts, specially Lakeside , apart from watching Beaton and Burnett I have no interest In the PDC, something needs to happen to save BDO
(05-31-2018, 08:35 PM)Mick Dundee Wrote: There needs to be a set divide.
BDO does pub, super league, county level brilliantly, but Professional level poorly.
PDC does Professional level brilliantly and until recently development level poorly.
Let them both do what their good at and nothing else.
good Exactly this.

They have a symbiotic relationship.
Back playing and having fun!

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BDO should have taken uncle Barry's offer when he wanted to buy them out and consolidate the 2 darting parties. I imagine they really regret this now.
I don't really get why the "ship has sailed" unless Hearn and whoever ends up running the BDO decide it has sailed. Once the BDO is under new management there's no reason why they couldn't approach the PDC and try to work something out for the good of the game as a whole.

There's no law that says they can't revisit some sort of a deal; it's only pigheadedness on one or both sides that says it has to be so.

Apart from a small overlap in the middle (top end of BDO, PDC development tour) they operate in different areas of the game so there'd be no reason why a proper relationship could not be worked out. Both sides are wrong if they think the other has nothing to bring to the table.
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(05-31-2018, 08:35 PM)Mick Dundee Wrote: There needs to be a set divide.
BDO does pub superleague county level brilliantly,but Professional level poorly.
PDC does Professional level brilliantly and until recently development level poorly.

Do they? County darts has been moribund for years. And pub leagues and Superleague have almost nothing to do with the BDO central office, none of them actually need "the BDO" in order to continue, just the local county orgs.

And I have no idea from where the OP has pulled the notion that all darts tournaments "between pub and PDC" would somehow cease to exist if the BDO fell off the face of the Earth tomorrow. If anything, the BDO stands in the way of the promoters of those tournaments making sensible changes to improve their events.

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