Blade 5 bulge
I've had my B4DC for over two years now and its still holding up very well. I bought my dad a B5DC and it lasted two months until it buldged out and looked terrible. I have pictures in a thread somewhere on here. I bought him a Gladiator 3 back in September, he throws about two to three hours a night on it, and it still looks brand new. I would say go for the GIII, that's what I'll be getting, or I would stick to a B4, I would never spend money on a B5 again.
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Its the heat/humidity and freezing cold. I own many boards and the Blade 5 is by far the best.
My Blade 5 started bulging in one section after a little over a year. Noticeable, but doesn't bother me.
I've a 5 and it's spot on the way it was purchased last year sometime.

On the other hand the B4 has several bulges after several years.
My own blade 4 has been a great board, most of the boards I have seen around these parts are blade 4 as well, I would expect a blade 5, to be just as good, or, better than a 4, although I havent played on a 5, as yet. There does seem to be, a few people reporting bumps though on the 5.
Yes its me, I checked in the mirror. 

Current preferred weight 19 to 23 grams, with 21 gram, being my current favourate.

Favourate current darts set up :- 21 grams 46 to 50 mm barrel, 41 mm nylon shafts, standard flights.
I replied to another thread on here, but the response is equally applicable. So I'll C&P to here:

Always check your points and the points of anyone playing. I have an old board there in case anyone turns up with board wrecker points...I will not allow anyone to throw board wreckers at my main board. I also check their points for burrs and have a sharpener ready to fix them. One relative arrived at my board one night, his point was bent at the tip to 90 degrees, he said it bounced out onto a tile!!!

I also rotate my board 2-3 times a week. Or, rotate the 20 segments for every 3-6 hours of play. I typically do 1.5 hours per day. I'll sometimes rotate sooner if I notice the area around the treble going a bit soft etc.
Just reading up on these posts regards boards , ive had Nodor boards way back in 70s and were fine , when a first started in darts

in around 1974 ish was a board made from horsehair i was given used , and was a good board i liked regardless of one bump lol

but recent yrs had got the blade 4 and it lasted well and so then got blade 5 and its one I still use although its ok

I don't play as much as once did but I throw for odd 30 mins cple times a week when I can

its ok as said but blade 4 I think lasted better without any bumps on that and so far had this blade 5 a yr approx.
and no bumps and I do rotate the segments now and then also approx. once a month .

But have to say I have heard good things of the Gladiator boards mainly from reading posts in the past in darts forums
but have not played on one at all .. but I guess ill be happy with the blade which comes out next > As long as the price is right Smile
I have generally found heat to be the main culprit here and when the board is not in use cover it with an old large slightly damp white towel. Saved my old blade 4 which bulges badly if not covered and under very warm conditions.
I live in Belfast Mr Fox, the heat is not an issue Big Grin  I'm on my second Blade 5 and it seems to be holding up great compared to the last one to be fair.
I did say 'generally'! I should have been more descriptive in saying that the heat has caused more bulging in boards than cold. I usually bring any board that it out in the garage in when the temperature starts to drop too much and cover it in a large plastic bag when not in use. Inside the house has never been a problem so far.

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