Barry Hearn's drawing skills
Watched the draw for the World Cup of Darts yesterday, whilst in work (shhhhhh).

I always like a tournament draw, it's a bit of excitement to get you pepped up for the big event. Looking forward to Northern Ireland making a big run in particular.

This one was ruined a bit though by Barry Hearn. I know that Hearn splits opinion already, so plenty of you will have thought that anyway. But his skills with drawing the balls out were terrible. Most of them were facing the wrong way or held way too high or low or to the side, so that the cameras had a hard time of actually seeing the number on the ball.

It's a bit pernickity but you'd think he'd know how to do a draw properly by now. Just looked like he wasn't interested. I don't even know if anyone else noticed this, or if it's just me being picky, but there you go. Back to the oche.
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