Anyone using their original set of darts?
Hi guys

Anyone still using their first set of darts, or a set they've been using for years and years. 

I really think relentlessly swapping has cost me years of progress. 

If so what are they?
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I still keep my very first set of steel tip darts that I bought in 1998. I don't use them though anymore and tbh hadn't used them too much in the past either. It's 21g Harrows Savage. I play both steel and soft tips. I bought these steel tips and a couple of months later I bought soft tips and started playing soft tips competitively then. In soft tips I used to use about 4 sets, plus a few short affairs, and now I've been using the same darts for more than 10 years, although I still tinker with set ups. Usually once I change something in my steel tip set up I tend to try that even on my soft tips.

In steel tips I lost track of how many darts I have tried (or currently have). Although I have a few sets that I can rely on.

I many times thought about how lucky are those who keep their first set of darts. I know a lot of players who haven't ever changed their stuff. On the other hand it's kind of natural when people want to improve their game and looking for a perfect set is just one of the ways.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I still have got my second set of soft tips that I used after I had sold my first darts to a mate. The first ones were 18g knurled Jim Pike and the second ones, the ones I still keep in a drawer are 18g Unicorn Teknik. I've never thought of getting rid of them even though I don't think I would ever use them again. My current soft tps that I've been using since 2007 or 2008 are 20g Unicorn Phase 2 Taylors.
Reply you mate I chop and change all the time......I’ve got a set of customs that I’ve used for matches/league for just over a year....any other games I’ll use whatever set I pick up Smile. Totally understand what your saying though chopping and changing weights/barrel shape can’t be good for your game.....but hey there’s sooooo much choice and the margins so small it’s the fear of missing out that 1-2% of your game if you don’t try this or that set.
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Ayup NE

I still have my first set of tungsten darts bought in1976, get them out every now and then for a trip down memory lane.
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(05-17-2018, 09:49 PM)Shed inn Wrote: Ayup NE

I still have my first set of tungsten darts bought in1976, get them out every now and then for a trip down memory lane.
25g 95% Farebrother darts.

Likewise I still have my first set of tungstens from 1977, 20 gram Red Dragons 47 mm long and almost worn smooth.
Hence my cut down Hellfires
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I’ve still got the first set of darts I ever bought--in 1990. Dopey, fat steel barrels covered with some rubberized coating. I have no idea on earth how those things have failed to disappear since I stopped using them in 1992. It hasn’t been like I’ve been making sure I don’t lose them.
I stupidly gave away my first set when I found a set that worked better for me. My first set wouldn't be in my regular rotation now, but I sure as hell wish I still had it.
Started playing: April 1990 at the Irish Harp in Berlin
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2018 180s: 4

Don't use them anymore but still have them, some Datadart knurls i was given when i was started
LOL, I have know idea where my first set of Darts are. I purchased them from the PX on base in Twentynine Palms, CA in 1981. I gave them to my roommate when I left that base. He shot better with them anyway...LOL
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I still have my first set of softdart (Harrows Aztec 18g 1992) and my first set of steeldarts (Harrows Powerpoint 24g 1993). The Powerpoints I used for soft and steel, I needed many tips Big Grin From time to time I play them again.
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