I must be doing something right...
I usually hit a 180 in practice, maybe every couple months... I've gone a year without hitting one.

In the last month/5 weeks, I've hit nine, as well as 9-marking 19, a lot of 7 marks and a few 114 point cover shots when missing 20 into 1 or 5.

If only those darts would show up on league night.  The other night I threw a leg of 1001 and averaged a little over 73 ppr.  I followed with a leg of 501 and only averaged about 55, if that.
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"Maintain a solid 60.  What you do with your other two darts is up to you" -Unknown

My match darts:  24gm Unicorn Phase 2 Purist, short nylon stems, standard Robson Plus flights.
9 180’s sounds good to me, for me it’s the hitting a 9 marks on 1’s that ruin my night.
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Gladiator 2 with Corona Surround and Unicorn number ring
23 Gram Modified ONE80 Comets with black points, Pro Grip stems, punched RD Hardcore flights with Target titanium stem rings                      

If you can hit the target when your arse is hanging out you are a great player 

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