Welsh Open 2018
Being played this weekend at Pontins Prestatyn.

Singles Draws:
Mens - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...282%29.pdf
Ladies - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20Draw.pdf
Boys - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20Draw.pdf
Girls - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20Draw.pdf

Pairs Draws:
Mens - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...Drawst.pdf
Ladies - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...0Draws.pdf
Mixed - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...281%29.pdf

The singles finals on Sunday will be streamed on youtube here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsVkKGcB47A

6.30pm - Red Dragon Girls Final (Best of 5 legs 501)
6.55pm - Red Dragon Boys Final (Best of 5 legs 501)
7.20pm - Presentations for the above.
7.30pm - Red Dragon Women's Semi Final (Best of 7 legs 501)
7.55pm - Red Dragon Women's Semi Final (Best of 7 legs 501)
8.20pm - Red Dragon Men's Semi Final (Best of 9 legs 501)
8.50pm - Red Dragon Men's Semi Final (Best of 9 legs 501)
9.30pm - Red Dragon Women's Final (Best of 9 legs 501)
10.00pm - Red Dragon Men's Final (Best of 11 legs 501)
10.30pm - Presentations
Cheers mike,
nice to see a few names i recognize from the local Chester and Ellesmere port leagues
Throwing Black PVD Coated Target Agora A01’s 22g darts at a Winmau Blade 5

Highest checkout - 141 (T20 T19 D12)
Best leg - 16 Darts x2

Mens and Ladies pairs played last night

Mens final - Jim Williams/Conan Whitehead 3-0 Wayne Warren/Daniel Day
Completed draw sheet - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20187.html

Ladies final - Katie Bellerby/Fallon Sherrock 3-2 Beau Greaves/Alannah Waters
Completed draw sheet - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20186.html

Great result in the mens pairs for Team Big 5 with three of the four finalists, and the other finalist only leaving the team a couple of months ago.
Mixed pairs played last night - score in the final was

Conan Whitehead/Lisa Ashton 3-2 Callum Goffin/Beau Greaves

Drawsheet - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20185.html
Line up for the stream is as follows:

Girls final - Beau Greaves vs Tammy Jo Grafton
Boys final - Sam Cromwell vs Killian Heffernan
Ladies semi finals - ??
Mens semi final - Chris Landman vs Mike Warburton
Mens semi final - Andy Hamilton vs John Burgess
Ladies final
Mens final

I believe the ladies are still playing at the moment - last update I saw about 10 minutes ago Deta had just got through to the last 8, but not sure on any of the other ladies.

Good run for Andy Hamilton in the mens so far today as well.
Boys final up first as Beau Greaves is still playing in the ladies event
17,17,16 dart legs for Beau to win the girls final... just 50 arrows!
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Wow, Beau Greaves is better than most of the American Pro’s. Great cover shots and excellent counter.
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Playing 40 years on and off and still barely average
She is a bit good is young Beau - just over a 90 average that game.

I still can't work out how she is allowed to play in the ladies event though as one of the criteria is all players must be eligible to play the Lakeside World Championships - Beau isn't eligble for that as she is too young. Personally I think it's good that she can play against the senior players, but by the rules she shouldn't be allowed in this event.
[Image: TuCkvdk.jpg] Tammy didnt do what she can but would have been a big ask to beat Beau.impressive
[Image: oz1OCc3.jpg]
(05-13-2018, 07:21 PM)ChrisTheFish Wrote: Wow, Beau Greaves is better than most of the American Pro’s. Great cover shots and excellent counter.

This is what I read a fortnight ago. She is better than many any Pro's :-)

(05-13-2018, 07:21 PM)ChrisTheFish Wrote: Wow, Beau Greaves is better than most of the American Pro’s. Great cover shots and excellent counter.

American Pro ?? is that even real ? lol
Another fantastic weekend of drinking. Suffering now mind you.

Thank you Prestatyn. You were amazing.

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