Knee Pain experiences
(05-11-2018, 01:07 PM)dj_stat8 Wrote: Cheers m8, ill maybe look into that if doesnt get better

I've had several cortisone shots in joints over the years and they do give relief, but it is sometimes only fleeting relief, depending on how badly the joint is injured.   

One thing it does and you need to be aware of, is it relieves the pain usually within the first couple days after the shot and that gives you a false sense of wellbeing and could lead to further injury if you use the joint too much by thinking all is now OK.
I was used to stand parallel to the oche with my right foot like you do...and noticed that after my third dart i start to walk to the board with left leg first, what causes a twisting in my right knee.

I changed my stand to a 45° angle and ~20cm to the left of the middle, not because of my knee, but for a comfortable stance...the other way would have cause problems sooner or later
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