Darts area DIY - Storage/Display
Figured before I go off like a mad scientist building stuff or making stuff, I might reach out here to maybe get some ideas or thoughts on what other people have done?

My dart board, and where I play, is currently in our hallway. Behind where I throw, there is a corner where two walls join. I've had a thought of putting some form of shelving or unit there, to store my darts and accessories. At present, I have everything upstairs in my PC room and have to go up or down to change things that break or just pickup different darts.

I was toying with "making" a few shelves to slot into the corner, somewhat out of sight so the GF won't get annoyed Big Grin
  • Shelf one. Drill some holes to allow darts slot into, standing upright, organised by set.
  • Shelf two. This to store/house flights and stems. Not sure on the design of this yet. Part of me was thinking little square cubbies, but then the view is from top down and might be finicky. Other thought was putting in like tool/screw drawers(they are small, and transparent) so I'm pulling a little flap open or a little drawer for bits and pieces.
  • Shelf three. Hold an IPAD. Needs a little lip to hold the Ipad upright, and be low enough to reach the plug. 

I have a number of Ipads lying about the house I got from work, so one of them I was going to make a dedicated darts counter. I was going to buy one of the counting displays and put it on the wall, but figure why not just get a shelf, and pop the Ipad on it and run a Darts app like Dartsmind or whatever. 

Part of me is just going to draw it up, spec it, buy the wood and just do it myself. But there is a big world with the likes of IKEA hacks out there, so wondering if anyone else has done something similar, and if they could share ideas, pitfalls, problems I might not have thought of, pictures etc.
An initial idea was using IKEA Lack shelves.


As my house is mostly concrete walls, for this sort of project I'd probably use some tec7 or something similar adhesive to just stick the shelves to the wall, since it will have two walls to utilise.

I guess that sort of shelf is maybe an idea for dart display (drill some holes in) to stand them up, but stems and flights might get messy just flung on it.
Here was some initial thoughts for flight and stem storage, on a wall.

Just plastic bin sets

Or a drawer type like this

That's too big, but I have some in my garage that are smaller, that I could either cut down to size and spec, or find ones that are small, maybe 3x3

Bins were also a thought to use for this to all be totally out of site. Right beside my board is "under the stairs" with that little door. Could use adhesive to put some bins there, where I put in my darts and accessories in an "out of sight" style.

Will post some pics later of the area I'm talking about, might help trigger someone with a "oh yeah I did something similar"
Sounds like a fun project, I thimk Lack shelves are hollow so not sure if drilling for standing up darts will work? Have you considered slot-wall or pegboard?
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Yeah Lack shelves are hollow. And generally IKEa shelves are hollow and have Poo stuff in them, with only the edges being solid. 

Somewhat figure carefully precision drilled holes only holding the weight of a dart would be fine. Just need to be cautious not to cut holes too close or I'd imagine the Poo stuff will implode on itself.

Actually hadn't thought of slot-wall or pegboard. Pegboard would be a good shout if I go for under the stairs, and utilising that door. Conscious in Ireland everyone knows what "under the stairs" is, and that might not be a universal term Big Grin
That's actually a first decision I'll need to make happen ( no doubt in conjunction with my esteemed partner) as if I'm forced to use behind the door under the stairs, looks won't matter and I'll just need optimal storage.

A shelving unit/stand for the Ipad is probably a definite to have. Have to saw from reading this thread

Mild heart palpatations seeing people house a tablet under their board. While I get it, your walking up, tap in score, for me....I'll have a smashed Ipad pretty quickly Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin So plan to house the ipad behind where I throw, there is a poweroutlet there too which is handy
I have a drawer unit I got in Aldi believe it or not, it has 32 drawers and inserts to break the drawers down fits all my flights and stems perfectly and has a big drawer at the bottom that fits all the bigger stuff I.e my 2 punches
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RegisterMy iPad sits on the side also, but in League play, we have the tablets in the chalkboard (we use DartConnect) and so far no cracked tablets (though I do have accident insurance on mine)! lol
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