What Songs Are You Listening To
[Image: watch?v=3l903r0RUSg&list=RD0293JvffHU71w]Well I get the ball a rolling, Burt Ives at the minute. (Sainsbury song Mr Rabbitt). Gets me old bones jiving!! [Image: watch?v=3l903r0RUSg&list=RD0293JvffHU71w]
This song for all you guys who made a mistake in love.
Most recently.... During a quick session on the board this morning....

The Tallest Man On Earth

Tonights practice session will be a mix of albums from Tallest Man on Earth, Leo Kottke, Rodrigo y Gabriella, and Jon Gomm.
just broke up with girlfriend of 2 year(well today would be two years)
been 1 week and im still listening to pretty much any sad damn song I can find!!

Women oh why do I love them so! Oh that's right now I remember! Power of the "P"
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Zedd - clarity
loving this song right now
Bullseye (are we related ?) sorry to hear you're down at the moment. Try giving this a try, a word of warning it was banned from the radio when it was first released https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNTVKANb7p4sed.
[Image: gstb.png]
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Songs I listened to as a kid.
The Great Jerry Butler
Jay and the Americans - One of my Favs
One of the best selling 45rpm records of all time - and also one of my fav's
The great British group "The Bee Gees "
I love Country music too
Loving the Black Star Riders.....

For all the Thin Lizzy fans:

[Image: Adyds3t.jpg]

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