Your stem length
Different darts, different stems, and it doesn't always have to do with barrel length. I usually play with 48mm barrels, and I've used extra short, short, and in-between stems depending on the way the dart throws.
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I've gone from medium to short and finally settled on enbetween
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When i firstly got into the darts a bought a set of PG medium and inters. And it was so so. Playing the Navigators straight knurled soft 18 gram. Than short time after i get myself short and short plus. and my game went up, than I bought the RedDragon AJ gram steel. again i changed my setup much in beginning and and up with short. Now i w8 for my order from DC with 10 Sets of Designa short black stems for 1.5GBP. hope the Price/Quality is good enough. BTW i use No2 STD Flights from Target and Penthatlon
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Extra short nylon stems with smaller-than-standard flights are addictive: they create so much "feel" when throwing the dart. Not sure I throw better with them, but they sure are fun. Like playing golf with old-style forged irons!
Just having my first dabble with Cosmos (number 4)
Ltsyle 260 for me ..

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Many yrs ago i played with short nylon type stems .. and then say 15 yrs ago went to the medium nylon deflectagrip stems

in which i prefer medium 48mm length approx in my stems ..ive tried inbetweens but they also werent for me ..

Medium nylon stems lasts well and do sam job as well as being as cheap as chips so whats not to like Smile

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