Your stem length
I seem to prefer an over all length (for the barrel and shaft) of around 92 mm, for nylon shafts (not including the point) that is for a typical 22 to 24 gram dart. Lower weights of 18 to 21 grams are a bit more trial and error (for me) but I tend to go a bit shorter in over all length, probably, more like 85 mm or so, I also mess about with different flights (as opposed to, just standards) in the lower weight range, primarily, kites and standards to see which works best.

For aluminium shafts I deduct 5 mm from the shaft length, because, the flight slot is only 10 mm instead of the 15 mm for nylons (this gives the same effective over all length) as a nylon shaft.
Yes its me, I checked in the mirror. 

Current preferred weight 19 to 23 grams, with 21 gram, being my current favourate.

Favourate current darts set up :- 21 grams 46 to 50 mm barrel, 41 mm nylon shafts, standard flights.
Target Pro Grip short for me. I have some of their Short Plus and Tweenies as well, but after a try with them from time to time, I always return to short, they just fly better for me.

These stems are really good quality. I've used other brands in the past and of what I've tried, nothing holds up as well as these. I've had the same set on for ages until last week. I use titanium rings anyway which helps, but I've never had a tang break off or bend away badly from a Target stem. In fact even before I started using rings, this was the case. I only replaced the set as the tangs weren't as tight as when new, but I had used them for quite some time, so a new set was long overdue. Also they were starting to come loose a bit, I guess the screw threads were on the way out due to the amount of times I'd taken them out to swap onto other barrels, etc. When I first tried Target stems, I actually bought quite a few sets, fully expecting they would break and I'd have plenty of spares, and I'm still to see one single Target stem break. I don't work for them, they just make great stems!

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