Your stem length
Have been determined to make tweenies work, so currently throwing L Style 260 Silents and they seem to be working well.
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Just bumped up to L-Style 295 carbons from 260. Not a huge difference but noticeable and I’m liking the slightly longer stem
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On my Target 25g darts the intermediate and longer shafts just seem to wobble too much for me.  Switched to Pro Grip shorts and feel the dart is less unpredictable.  Of course YMMV...
I use short stems on every dart I own. Sometimes I'll pop on pear flights but that increases the speed sometimes too much.
Short, otherwise I keep hitting my face.  I know that is because I am moving my body too much.  Something I need to work on.
I use intermediate shafts on 40 cm length barrell... In other words depends of the barrell length...
(02-15-2019, 11:03 AM)Luca82cb Wrote: Only available to view for active members with 5 or more posts click register to join Smile
RegisterDont think thats legal mate. Your entire dart should be under 30cm (12"). Let alone just the barrels...

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(02-15-2019, 11:03 AM)Luca82cb Wrote: Only available to view for active members with 5 or more posts click register to join Smile
40cm? that's almost a Javelin  Big Grin
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Lol i meant 40 mm, 4cm
Short and midi laro

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