Your stem length
Tweenies on xq max originals and ga unicorn phase 3
I normally use in-between or short stems for my darts. Easier to balance.

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Current Dart in Use: Quantum Darts Paradox 17.5gm
35mm ringed nylon regardless of the dart.

I use extra short nylon shafts, 28mm
Target Pro Grip Short plus (38mm) or intermediate (41mm)


Cosmo Death Sabres / Laser Golden Eagles MP
2019 best 501: 15 darts
2019 high finish: 144

2019 180s: >10

Always used short stems, any longer my darts do a little twirl in the air
right now short 34mm nylons for GA phase3 and one80 Tornado.
switched a lot in the few months playing...
whatever is comfortable
I used to use a variety of stem lengths depending on the barrel. It usually (but not intentionally) resulted in my total setup length being the same for all barrels.

But now I just use medium. It just seems to work better for me at the moment.
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Short when using aluminium, Tweener for Nylon, Size 5 for Cosmo Fits!

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I used to be very concerned about shaft size and I had an all-important, always-used shaft length, but the years have beat that attitude out of me. On more than one occasion, I’ve had my favorite set-up stop working well for me--when (as far as I could tell) all other factors were staying equal. When that happened, I had to start tinkering and re-tuning my set-up and that opened Pandora’s Box. Now I have a large supply of different length shafts and I move from one length to another if/when needed.

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