Dart weight?
I know this is an older thread, but, thought I would add a bit of a comment, for myself (I throw weights from 18 to 24 grams) what I have noticed is that I find it easier to get high up the board using lighter darts (I mean double twenty five and one basically) I am 5 foot six which might make a difference (a shorty) I have also found that if I hold the dart at the rear of the barrel I can achieve better and more accurate throws high up the board, conversely I have increased my throwing weight lately, 20 to 21 grams was my prefered weight for years I have recently gone up to 23 grams using a more rearward grip and have had more consistancy, as others have said the set up can make a huge differance (I tend to use kite flights on lighter darts and standard on 22 grams and up, for example) hope you managed to figure out what works by the way.
Yes its me, I checked in the mirror. 

Current throwing weights of 18 to 24 grams.

Current darts set up :- 23 gram, darts clearance (no name scalloped darts) with a 50 mm barrel, 41 mm nylon shafts + standard flights.

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