Dart weight?
I am def a novice in the world of darts. Years ago I had 2 sets of random darts. 18g and 19g. I didn't know any better at the time. Stopped playing for a while. Lost the darts and bought 23g Rob Cross, and 26g Phil Taylor Gen 1 and recently began playing a lot more regularly. I find the heavier darts are easier for me to hit the upper 1/3 of the board. I just found the original lighter darts, and im sure its me, but i have no accuracy at the top of the board with the lighter darts. I know with darts, everyone is different, but wow, i never imagined that much of a difference. I am now playing with flight shapes and figuring out which is best for me. I found with the kite shaped flights, my darts were all barely in the board, with the flights angled toward the floor. Moved to a standard flight, and now the darts are now slightly angled toward the ceiling.

Besides throwing harder, are there any other tips on the lighter darts, or why try and reinvent the wheel, stick to the heavier darts?
I got a scale, and finally weighed my darts. My favorites, and the set she uses are both in the 28-29g range!
I use to throw 22g but find myself liking 25-26g a lot more. seems to be a lil more forgiving
I was throwing Phase 5 26g (you know, because Phil Taylor did) for years. Then I bust my hip and took three years out. It took me months to be able to throw again and in the end I bought a set of 23g Daryl Gurney darts and am finally back to where I was. Not a good player, but hitting some stuff now!

No idea why. Maybe I should try those 26g darts again and see if I can get more treble twenties.
I remeber watching the BDO worlds this year,Paul Nicholson commented on Karolina Podgorska using 20g darts,same darts as her hubby Krzysztof Ratajski,it dosent look like shes throwing with anymore force than most other female players.
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BTW, they were with some really old darts given to me by an old friend. 31 gms.  Am I wrong playing with those? I have many other weights  to play with.
(09-11-2019, 04:56 AM)Susan Schmitt Wrote: BTW, they were with some really old darts given to me by an old friend. 31 gms.  Am I wrong playing with those? I have many other weights  to play with.

Moved your post to a more suitable thread about weight.  One of many on the forum.  Have a read through this one from the the beginning.  Some of it may strike a chord, but at the end of the day, it's about personal preference.  There're no universal answers.

Welcome to the forum BTW....
Personally I prefer heavier darts, mine are 28 and had some 32 as well , if I use lighter darts my aim goes all over the place and it doesn’t tend to be very precise .I think it all depends of what to get used to play with and what you find yourself more comfortable with , and also what’s helps her more ..Before  buying different ones I think she should try play with various weights .
As this thread shows, everyone has a preference. I was dead set on 24g because that is what I started with. Then bought some 23g MVG Gen 2 and they became the favorite. Moved into 20 gram for local soft tip league. All my practice is with them. Going to get some 21 MVG now to get them closer, the lighter dart is just smoother for me.
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i had in my earlier dart throwing days used 23/24 g
when i bought what i call my 1st pro darts the phil Taylor(unicorn)phase 5's they were only in 26g though now they have more weight choice
i purchased the target gen 1 in 26g and have to say i feel very comfortable throwing that now
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