Green Darts
I’m looking at buying a set of green Darts. I think I have my selection down to harrows quantum or snake bite mamba gen 1 or 2 or Winmau crisis. But I wanna make sure I’m not forgetting any.  I want tungsten so sure grips are out.  Bottelsen coatings chip on the models I like.  R9 are not what I want.
If there is any I forgot please help me out.  Also has anyone used the mamba’s. Opinion is all I’m asking for.
MVG series by XQMax have some green. I have some on order, but going to remove the paint!
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After seeing some reviews I think I’m might just buy the harrows. I’m not into paint. The mambas just don’t seem to look good on camera. I held the harrows but I can’t remember why I didn’t buy them
there is also the winmau crisis darts. one of my favorite sets is the MVG Mighty Gen though. i really liked the Mambas too
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The Harrows Quantum are some of my favorites.

Adding to the green list are Harrows Veridian, Showtime Nitro and Mustang, Winmau Ton Machines, and XQMax Monsoons. But that's all paint. Red Dragon Razor Edge ZX-2 looks like a good green coating. My wife has the purple ones and they look sharp.
You could try the diy method,all you need is a quality permanent chisel tip marker in the colour of your choice,a standard electric drill and some medium grit paper......give the darts a few coats and its a good finish that lasts well.
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MVG green demolisher is a nice dart, a little thicker barrel but flies nicely
Showtime Mustang "Sally" speaks green. Getagrip speaks review as well. And, nicely done as usual.
(06-30-2018, 05:20 PM)SlingBlade Wrote: Showtime Mustang "Sally" speaks green. Getagrip speaks review as well. And, nicely done  as usual.

Also "Nitro's " from Showtime
these are green
[Image: 0054722238302.jpg]
(06-18-2019, 03:16 AM)ninjastar Wrote: these are green

Those are interesting ! Never seen that grip before!

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