Snatching your darts is bad -bad-bad
Now, that i finally signed up here in the's time to thanks Saber started this thread. :hail:

I have read it first time approx 3 years ago and it has opened my eyes. I had heard the mysterious Follow Through before, but honestly didn't take it serious...

Now, after this 3 years where this thread guides me in my little, dark, sticky training-chamber, i have to admit my game has improved a lot :getin:
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Glad your game has improved! Smile
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I always find if I "follow Through" with my arm and get my hand facing the floor, like ya know a typical darters action, everything goes higher, way high, and to compensate i slow down and everything then goes "floaty"

My action tends to be hold the dart up, draw back a few inches, fire at the board, my arm/hand stop quite quickly after release

anyway i could replicate a standard flowing action and full follow through without being loopy/thrwoing high? I think it would be alot more repeatable/accurate than my current style
my drill is take your most expensive darts, hang your board over a concrete floor and put you wifes favorite family photo directly underneath the board, then move back to 15 feet....theres no way you wont realease the dart and follow through fully to ensure you get it far enough.
I am kidding of course..but i will occasionally throw from 12' it really helps me. Another one is grab every dart you can and throw them all into the board following through on each and hold for 2 seconds.
happy darting!

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Good tip! I still forget to follow through sometimes. I also need to practice doubles so it's a win win.
ahh, I found that I do that a lot ... Gotta remember to follow through
I only snatch it back when it's a game deciding shot, I always follow through when it doesn't count....
Never even knew this was a thing. I think I am a victim of doing it as well. Ill have to wear my gopro or something to find out.
(02-14-2019, 04:06 AM)T4cTiCs Wrote: Never even knew this was a thing. I think I am a victim of doing it as well. Ill have to wear my gopro or something to find out.

Should be able to tell by your arm position after the 3rd dart.  The action of reaching for the dart can make this tricky to confirm on the first 2.  And that can be another problem, but let's not confuse the issue.  You should be able to tell after the 3rd...
Reading this thread has massively enlightened me, I've only been throwing a few months but I could never understand why my darts drifted either left or right. I'll have a few hours practise tomorrow and focus on my follow through and report back. Cheers all for the great advice!

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