First 180.
(05-29-2019, 03:36 PM)Zeeple Wrote: I agree.  The best advice and the hardest to follow is don't obsess over the maximums.  Just focus on your mechanics, and your mental game while practicing and trust that the effort will pay off.  Once the 180's start coming practice tho, they will start coming in competition.  And it isn't because something magical happens.  It is because your groupings are getting slowly better.

Absolutely right, Zeeple! It's all quite simple, really- practice makes perfect and you'll get there given enough time and a critical view of your own game...
...I notice that when I slot in two treble 20's, the third flies in without trouble so long as I don't think of it as hitting a maximum, but hitting the right section of the board. It's mental game, as much as physical, it seems!
(04-09-2019, 05:22 PM)SongJinGi Wrote:
(04-07-2019, 04:52 PM)Curtis8976 Wrote: Back in the game for about two months now and have hit 140 a couple times but the 180s remain elusive.

It's the dreaded last dart! I always choke on the last one haha, I tend to get 121...  Big Grin

I feel your pain, i do the same thing.
It's taken me about 4 months of playing for hours a day to hit my first 180, then the next morning I hit another one. I think it is mental when it comes down to the last dart..
I started playing Darts on the 16.01.19. My first 180 was on the 19.06.19 and the second one week later on the 26.06.19.

Now i am waiting for the next one`s. Big Grin

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