First 180.
It took me about a year to hit the first one, I usually buckled under pressure after the first two darts went in treble 20 and then miss with the third dart but on this occasion I didn’t think the second dart was in so I threw the third without any pressure and the rest is history so to speak. I find I hit them when I least expect it.
Every leg of 501 is a potential 9 darter.

2019-180’s- 9 and counting......

Snakebite 8 23G
IIRC it was in the first 4 months, but I remember some them being a bit random(ie I was going for something else at the time). I've never really focused that much on 180s because a) I prefer to shoot at T19 than T20, and b) I would think it was better to distribute my focus around the board by hitting all the doubles and singles than focusing solely on T20
I only throw at trip 20 in games. I never practice it. My doubles need 100x morw work than 20! But in games I've been over 120 a few times. I'll hit one eventually.
I was playing on a consistent basis when I first started in the early 80's so I'm thinking within a six month period from when I first picked up a Dart I hit my first 180.
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I hit my first 180 after six months of playing.
Started playing: September 2017 | Highest checkout: 142 (T19 - T19 - D14) | Best leg: 17 darts
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A few months. I’m sure I started around Christmas 2014, hit my first 180 in my signature date. Pretty sure it took AGES for the next one though. Definitely luck for my first one as the first dart was aimed at bullseye lol
First 180: 19/3/2015
Best leg 501: 12 darts (11/4/16)
Back after a hiatus, getting over dartitis 
I've yet to throw a 180. Lots of 120+ but chocked on the last dart. I've had a few 171's though.
(04-04-2018, 10:09 PM)eggcecutioner Wrote: How long did it take you to hit your first 180?

It took me 10 years to hit my first one.  Sad   That was about two months ago. LOL
About 9 months for me. That was 2 years ago and now I get one roughly once or twice a week. Plenty of 140s though which is good Smile
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(04-05-2018, 04:22 PM)nixer55 Wrote: This has been stated before, but perhaps worth repeating.  When getting in to, or back to darts, we often obsess with 180's.  IMO, this is a mistake.  Scoring is one thing, max's another.  If you're playing n01, the object is fewest darts thrown, that's how you get your average.  Not by chasing 180's.

Besides, if you work on consistent scoring in that context, you end up switching a lot.  You do this to set up the finish, reducing the number of darts thrown.  When you have that as your mind set, the max's will just come.

Can't comment how this fits in with Cricket, sorry...

Good darting and good luck...

In my short time playing, I have to agree with this. I've played a bunch of -01 games now with a decent average only to see it get whittled down due to consistently missing outs/doubles..

That said, and to answer the OP, two-ish months. Started playing/practicing seriously this past May and hit my first 180 in July. Hit my second (ever) in Aug and have yet to hit another.. I hit sporadic 120+ and sporadic but fewer 140s.

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