Darts - Beginners 3 things you must do to become a good Player
" the two sports have in common is rhythm and every individual needs to find their own rhythm. If someone is naturally a fast walker, talker etc....they would most likely throw better darts with a faster rhythm as well. Slowing down or being too deliberate will go against their natural tendency therefore in all probability not be ideal for them."

I hear what your saying Og , and it's true , bit my darts mate was merely referring to my game at that time (9months ago) , not dart players in general.
As soon as I slowed down a little my game improved , I realised I didn't have to throw quick to "keep up" with whatever pace the other player was throwing.
I'd love to be able to bang in quick 180s like Evans , mvg , or rob cross , but it ain't gonna happen lol.
I found a lot of good advices here, as I try to improve my skills without having some dart players around that can teach me... I am reading a lot!

About the "extend your arm" topic: I find it really similar to tennis. My tennis trainer always told me "begin and end every movement". So if you shot a forehand, begin from one side and end to the other, same for backhand, service and smash. Don't stop half way. "Start and finish" (in Italian "parti e arriva") was his mantra.

Same advice is for darts: start and complete the movement with forearm and hand.

As for tennis, this may not apply to some players, but I find it useful as a general starting point.
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Good basis for throwing well.

All I have to add is to make sure you have a good stance. I was far too tippy-toe and wide with my back foot, so after reading John Lowe's book and getting a more solid and compact stance I started throwing much better.
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